When is Mikasa Ackerman’s Birthday? (2022)

When is Mikasa Ackerman’s Birthday? Born on February 10th, Mikasa Ackerman was 11 years old when the show began. After the time-skip, and now that the show has ended, Mikasa is 19. Mikasa Ackerman is a character from the anime and manga series Attack of Titan. At an early age, her parents were abducted and killed by robbers, who also kidnapped Mikasa.

Eren, who attempted to rescue her from the robbers, was grabbed and choked by one of the robbers, giving Mikasa an advantage in killing the robber from behind and saving Eren. Following that, Eren’s parents, Kalura and Grisha, adopted Mikasa when she was left orphaned. The newly-adopted Eren’s sister is developing a solid friendship with Armin, who also happens to be her love interest in anime and manga.

Mikasa Ackerman from “Attack on Titan”

Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan

Mikasa has a healthy and robust physique. She had long black hair when the show began. She cuts her hair about her chin’s length as she joins the military’s 104th Trainee Squad. Even though Jean wasn’t too fond of this decision, Mikasa followed up on Eren’s advice. Although Mikasa has gray eyes in the anime, her eyes shown in the manga are black. However, her anime eye color changes according to the lighting in the episode. The pale, white Mikasa happens to be above average in height. Now that she’s in the military, she wears a Survey Corps uniform.

The uniform comprises a brown jack that is waist-length and has two pockets on either side. Underneath the jacket, she wears a white shirt with a darker sash covering her waist and hips. In addition to that, she wears white pants with tall, knee-high pair of boots. Mikasa’s Survey Corpse includes a dark red scarf that she wears around her neck. The red scarf is also a souvenir from Eren, who gave the scarf when she rescued Mikasa from the robbers. Mikasa never goes anywhere without a scarf. It holds a lot of sentimental value for her.

What is the Symbol on Mikasa Ackerman’s Skin?

What is the Symbol on Mikasa Ackerman’s Skin

The fans of the show have always been confused about the tattooed symbol on Mikasa’s wrist. Although not many people knew about the symbol initially, with time, it became real speculation for the fans. Later on, the show reveals that the tattooed symbol comes from Mikasa’s mother. She drew the symbol as a symbol and memory of the Azumabito family, who were members of the Shogun group who had previously settled in Paradis.

Due to her symbol, she became a cousin of Kiyomi Azumabito, an ambassador of Hizuru. This implied that Mikasa, unlike many others, was an exemplary character born inside the Walls. Furthermore, it enables Mikasa to have connections that run deep outside the Walls, further separating her from the comrades she has been fighting with for so long.

Mikasa Ackerman’s First Kill

Mikasa Ackerman’s First Kill

Mikasa is the 104th Trainees Squad graduate. Instead of joining the Military Police, she becomes a part of Survey Corpse. She does so because she wants to keep an eye out for Eren to ensure she stays safe. Her talent and skills enabled her to save multiple Eren multiple times. Her overwhelming fighting abilities separate her from the rest. With time, Mikasa develops a significant number of fighting skills that enable her to defend herself from the wrath of the Titans.

While there is no limit to how many Titans she has killed so far, her first kill was during the Battle of Trost District. An Abnormal who was marching towards an innocent crowd became Mikasa’s first-ever victim. The thing about her first kill that still mesmerizes the fans is that none of the experienced squad members could catch up to the Abnormal, yet Mikasa took care of the giant. She landed a perfect strike that gave the giant no second to spare.

Misaka Ackerman’s Biggest Weakness

Misaka Ackerman’s Biggest Weakness

We’re all aware of the remarkable strength and abilities that Mikasa possesses. If all the Survey Corps were like her, their struggle against the Titans wouldn’t last long. Similarly, she’s just as effective against her human foes, too. What clouds Misaka’s judgment is her concern about Eren, prompting her to make reckless decisions that she wouldn’t make otherwise.

When rumors came into being regarding Eren being eaten alive by the Titans during the Battle of Trost District, Mikasa couldn’t contain herself. She ran out of her gas trying to find Eren and a Titan almost ate her alive. When Eren fell into the hands of Bertholdt and Reiner, Mikasa nearly fell prey to the Titans, injuring herself while saving Eren.

Mikasa Ackerman’s Obsession With Eren

Mikasa Ackermans Obsession With Eren

When Eren realized that Mikasa was falling for him, which led to her cloud of judgment, Eren tried to distance himself from Mikasa. However, he told her that she clung to him since he was the one who had driven her into action when one of the guys who attacked her family nearly murdered him.

Later during the show, Isayama contradicted Eren, saying that none of this was true. He revealed that Mikasa’s obsession with Eren resulted from the former’s feelings for the latter. It’s her nature that drives her towards Eren.

Conclusion For “When is Mikasa Ackerman’s Birthday”

Conclusion For When is Mikasa Ackermans Birthday

No doubt that despite being one of the talented members of her Survey Corps squad, Mikasa still has a thing or two to learn. There’s still one soldier that she undoubtedly can’t get ahead of, and that’s Levi Ackerman. While they both possess the same battle techniques and abilities, what gives Levi the edge over Mikasa is his experience.

Even in the most stressful situations, Levi never lets his emotions get the better of him. However, as discussed before, Mikasa lets Eren’s concern take the benefit of her. She had always made snap judgments whenever Eren’s life was at stake. Funnily enough, the only thing she beats Levi in is the height department. She’s quite a tall figure compared to Levi.

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