4 Best Rabbit Rescues in Los Angeles, CA! (2022)

If you’re searching for the best rabbit rescues in Los Angeles, California, you’ve come to the right guide. Our team at ILY Best compiled this list of the best rabbit rescues in Los Angeles to help save you time on your journey to finding a companion.

1. Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation

Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation (Rabbit Rescues Los Angeles)

You cannot write a post about rabbit rescues in Los Angeles without mentioning Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation. Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation has a simple goal of helping abandoned rabbits in Los Angles.

They do this by providing critical information on how to care for rabbits, spaying, and neutering, and volunteering in shelters and human society. Not to forget, Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation also fosters and rehabilitates rescued rabbits till they find a suitable home for them

Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation Details

2. Bunnyluv

Bunnyluv (Rabbit Rescues Los Angeles CA)

Bunnyluv is well-known in California as a haven for abused, neglected, and abandoned rabbits. They are a no-kill non-profit organization that seeks to reduce rabbit overpopulation and abandonment in Los Angeles.

The services Bunnyluv offers include rabbit boarding, care, adoption, and supplies. Educating the masses on proper rabbit care is important, and this is why Bunnyluv also has a team dedicated to educating the community on all things rabbits and bunnies.

Bunnyluv Details

3. Fur Baby Rescue

Fur Baby Rescue (Rabbit Rescues Los Angeles CA)

Fur Baby Rescue prides itself as a haven for abandoned and neglected animals like rabbits, cats, and dogs. They provide these animals with a temporary, safe home. Animals at Fur Baby Rescue come from high-kill centers and streets in Los Angeles.

Fur Baby Rescue provides animals in their care with much-needed medical attention, training, and socialization. By doing so, they increase the chances of them being adopted or finding their forever homes.

Fur Baby Rescue Details

4. Bunny World Foundation

Bunny World Foundation (Rabbit Rescues Los Angeles CA)

Bunny World Foundation or BWF is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization in Los Angeles with love for rabbits. Its mission is to tackle rabbit cruelty, exploitation, neglect, and illegal rabbit sale. Bunny World Foundation does this through various rescue efforts across Los Angeles, investigations, legislation, special events, and media attention.

They also educate the public on how best to care for rabbits. Notably, Bunny World Foundation works to reduce the overpopulation of rabbits. Furthermore, they seek to establish rabbits as companion animals.

The adoption program at Bunny World Foundation is complex. As such, it requires expansion and strengthening to accommodate new rescues while providing proper care, supplies, and medication to rabbits currently being cared for.

Bunny World Foundation Details

Conclusion For The “Best Rabbit Rescues in Los Angeles, California”

Conclusion For The Best Rabbit Rescues in Los Angeles, California

Our team at ILY Best hopes that this list of rabbit rescues in Los Angeles, California, will help you find a compatible companion to adopt. Whether you plan to adopt a rabbit from a rescue shelter in Los Angeles, California, using our list or another online source, remember to do additional research.

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