4 Best Rabbit Breeders in Tennessee! (2022)

If you’re searching for the best rabbit breeders in Tennessee, you’ve come to the right place. Our team at ILY Best compiled this list of the best rabbit breeders in Tennessee to help save you time on your search for a companion.

1. LionheadRex Rabbitry

LionheadRex Rabbitry (Tennessee)

LionheadRex Rabbitry is more than just a breeder, and that’s why they feature first in this post about rabbit breeders in Tennessee. LionheadRex Rabbitry is also a rescue center. They rescue rabbits abandoned and neglected. They do this by finding them new loving homes.

Notably, the rabbit breeds at LionheadRex Rabbitry include Lionheds and English Angora bunnies. They have other breeds available at certain times because they are a rescue center.  There are many positives to dealing with LionheadRex Rabbitry.

Their rabbits and bunnies are full-blooded, child tamed and litter box trained. Even better, they share available bunnies in an easy-to-use and navigate Bunnies age. They encourage rabbit lovers to contact them for care tips and advice using the contact details below.

LionheadRex Rabbitry Details

2. Blessings of Shep’s Barn

Blessings of Shep's Barn (Tennessee)

Blessings of Shep’s Barn is a small rabbitry in Riley, Tennessee. They strive to breed quality and adorable Flemish Giants by selecting breeding for size. Given that Blessings of Shep’s Barn deals with Flemish Giants, they strive for big litters and fast-growing offspring.

The rabbits and bunnies at Blessings of Shep’s Barn all boast features that make them ideal family pets. These features include temperament, personality, and, yes, the ears, eyes, and furry fur. Unfortunately, Blessings of Shep’s Barn’s site is down. To enquire about available rabbits, you’ll need to contact them using the phone number shared below.

Blessings of Shep’s Barn Details

  • Name: Blessings of Shep’s Barn
  • Address: 152 Carmack Rd Ripley, TN 38063
  • Phone: (865) 297-4805
  • Breed: Flemish Giants

3. Baby Bunny Luv Rabbitry

Baby Bunny Luv Rabbitry (Tennessee)

Tennessee is not home to many rabbit breeders. Luckily, the ones available do everything to ensure they raise quality bunnies and rabbits. One such rabbit breeder in Tennessee that strives for quality with their bunnies and rabbits is Baby Bunny Luv Rabbitry.

Baby Bunny Luv Rabbitry prides itself in breeding affectionate, calm, healthy, and quality pet rabbits. Their rabbits boast heightened breed features allowing them to pass for show-quality rabbits. Baby Bunny Luv Rabbitry advises would-be rabbit owners to join their waiting lists to increase their chances of getting a rabbit.

Baby Bunny Luv Rabbitry Details

4. Clover Patch Sanctuary

Clover Patch Sanctuary (Tennessee)

Clover Patch Sanctuary is the last breeder to feature in our post about rabbit breeders in Tennessee. Clover Patch Sanctuary is not necessarily a breeder. They are a rescue center, and they rescue different types of animals. One of the animals that Clover Patch Sanctuary rescues are bunnies.

Clover Patch Sanctuary is not particular about the rabbit breeds they rescue. They care for Holland Lops, Mini Rex, or even Netherland Dwarfs. To see available bunnies at Clover Patch Sanctuary, visit their Petfinder page. You can also get in touch with them using the contact details below.

Clover Patch Sanctuary Details

Conclusion For The “Best Rabbit Breeders in Tennessee”

Conclusion For The "Best Rabbit Breeders in Tennessee"

Our team at ILY Best hopes that this list of rabbit breeders in Tennessee will help you on your journey to introducing a companion into your home. Whether you plan to purchase a bunny from a breeder in Tennessee using our list or another source, remember always to do additional research.

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