4 Best Rabbit Breeders in South Carolina! (2022)

If you’re searching for the best rabbit breeders in South Carolina, you’ve come to the right place. Our team from ILY Best compiled this list of rabbit breeders in South Carolina to help you on your journey to introducing a companion into your home.

1. Fisher Farms Rabbitry

Fisher Farms Rabbitry (South Carolina)

Fisher Farms Rabbitry is a rabbitry like no other. It is located on a 2 ½-acre in South Carolina, giving their rabbits and bunnies lots of room to play. One of the many benefits of dealing with Fisher Farms Rabbitry is experience. They boast 14 years of experience in breeding quality and healthy rabbits.

The bunnies and rabbits at Fisher Farms Rabbitry are loved daily, each receiving personal attention. Even better, their rabbits get lots of playing time on the grass (weather permitting). In terms of breeds, Fisher Farms Rabbitry specializes in breeding adorable Holland Lops with sweet personalities.

Fisher Farms Rabbitry Details

2. Waltz’s Flemish Hoppers

Waltz’s Flemish Hoppers (South Carolina)

Waltz’s Flemish Hoppers is a rabbitry in Middleburg, Pennsylvania, that strives to raise pedigree show-quality rabbits. They specialize in the following rabbit breeds, Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Flemish Gants, New Zealand, and Champagne d’Argents. They raise quality Mini Rex in Black, Chinchilla, Chocolate, Broken Chocolate, Seal, and Black Otter colors.

With their Flemish Giants, they raise all seven colors and broken red New Zealands, Cinnamons, and Palominos. Notably, Waltz’s Flemish Hoppers is an open rabbitry. They welcome anyone keen on taking a tour of their rabbitry. In addition, the rabbits and bunnies at Waltz’s Flemish Hoppers come with their pedigrees, hay, and starter food.

Waltz’s Flemish Hoppers Details

3. Beechwood’s Holland Lops

Beechwood’s Holland Lops (South Carolina)

Beechwood’s Holland Lops is a small rabbitry striving for healthy and adorable Holland Lops. They strive to raise rabbits and bunnies that are perfect family pets. As such, they socialize with their rabbits and show them love daily.

In addition, they are handheld; receive direct attention, lots of care, and love. By doing this, Beechwood’s Holland Lops build their rabbits’ overall temperament and personalities. With sweet personalities, their rabbits are sure to make perfect et in any home.

Beechwood’s Holland Lops Details

4. Narcissa Farm’s

Narcissa Farm's (South Carolina)

Narcissa Farm is a small hobby rabbitry with adorable and healthy rabbits. They currently specialize in quality Holland Lops that double as a perfect family or house pet. The farm is in South Carolina in a well-spaced area giving their rabbits and bunnies lots of room to play.

They also enjoy playing on the grass, eating it, and digging around (you know, all the bunny stuff). A big plus with Narcissa Farm is that they always have a beautiful litter of bunnies all year. There is no need for a waiting list. Get in touch with them and share your intentions of adopting a bunny from them.

Narcissa Farm’s Details

Conclusion For The “Best Rabbit Breeders in South Carolina”

Conclusion For The "Best Rabbit Breeders in South Carolina"

Our team at ILY Best hopes that this list of rabbit breeders in South Carolina will help you find a suitable companion to introduce into your home. Whether you plan to purchase from a rabbit breeder in South Carolina using our list or through another source, you should always do additional research.

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