3 Best Rabbit Breeders in Malaysia! (2022)

If you’re searching for the best rabbit breeders in Malaysia, then you’ve come to the right place. Rabbit breeding in Malaysia is quickly becoming a thing. The Malaysian president encouraged people to start up rabbit farming.

With interest in rabbit farming growing, so are questions surrounding rabbit breeding. One such question is where, where can you find rabbits.

If you are seeking an answer to this question, then you’ve come to the right place. Even if you are looking for a rabbit as a pet, this is the place to be. Below is a list of rabbit breeders in Malaysia for you to check out.

1. Tru Luv Rabbitry

Tru Luv Rabbitry

High up on the list of rabbit breeders in Malaysia is Tru Luv Rabbitry. Tru Luv is a small home-based rabbitry that produces and develops pedigree Holland Lop rabbits.

Tru Luv has one objective, achieve high standards with their rabbitry. One way of achieving high standards is controlling their herd. With the control in place, they can cater to every rabbit individually.

Tru Luv Cattery seeks opportunities to improve the quality of its rabbits. Furthermore, Tru Luv’s vision is to create awareness among local rabbit enthusiasts.

Worth noting, this rabbitry practices ethical raising and breeding of Holland Lops. Certification-wise, Tru Luv Cattery is a member of Holland Lop Rabbitry Specialty Club (HLRSC) and the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA).

Tru Luv Rabbitry Details

2. Beh & Yo Rabbitry

Beh & Yo Rabbitry

Before delving deep into this rabbitry, it is worth noting that Beh & Yo Rabbitry is more than just a rabbitry. They are an exclusive distributor for Oxbow Animal Health Products.

They also offer a range of products on their website. Beh & Yo Rabbitry also has a variety of rabbit foods and other pet foods. In addition, to their rabbits, Beh & Yo Rabbitry promises rabbit lovers in Selangor, Malaysia, high-quality rabbits.

They specialize mainly in Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Dwarf Hotot, Mini Rex, and Lion Head Rabbits. They breed their rabbits in a clean environment, so rest assured the rabbit you get from Beh & Yo Rabbitry is raised and cared for by people who know and love rabbits.

Beh & Yo Rabbitry Details

3. Teddy Rabbitry

Teddy Rabbitry

Last on the list of rabbit breeders in Malaysia is “Teddy Rabbitry.” Teddy Rabbitry is another rabbitry that is worth mentioning when listing rabbit breeders in Malaysia. Teddy Rabbitry prides itself in breeding high-quality rabbits that meet breed standards.

They specialize in two rabbit breeds, the Holland Lop and Netherland Dwarf. For both these two breeds, Teddy Rabbitry takes various steps to ensure their rabbits are healthy.

During these visits, the vet tests their rabbits for negative health conditions, in addition to breeding and selling pedigree Holland Lop and Netherland Dwarf rabbits.

For instance, they offer a variety of rabbit-friendly cages and accessories. They are also known for their rabbit supplies and foods. Get to shop these products by visiting their shopping site Teddy Rabbitry.

Teddy Rabbitry Details

Conclusion For The “Best Rabbit Breeders in Malaysia”

Conclusion For The "Best Rabbit Breeders in Malaysia"

We hope this list of rabbit breeders in Malaysia will help you find an adorable companion for your home. If you have any questions with any of the breeders in Malaysia, feel free to reach out to them with the following information we listed.

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