4 Best Rabbit Breeders in Louisiana! (2022)

Are you searching for the best rabbit breeders in Louisiana? If you are searching for a breeder, you’ve come to the right place because our team compiled a list of rabbit breeders for you to check out.

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1. Heidi’s Hollands Rabbitry

Heidi's Hollands Rabbitry Louisiana

Starting this post about rabbit breeders in Louisiana is Heidi’s Hollands Rabbitry. Heidi’s Hollands Rabbitry is a relatively small rabbitry raising adorable Holland Lop rabbits. They see that they raise the aid of Holland Lops to the ARBA standard of perfection.

There are many positives associated with this rabbit breeder in Lousiana. For instance, Heidi’s Hollands Rabbitry raises all their rabbits in a climate-controlled environment. In addition, they feed them Timothy hay, filtered water, and their rabbits Petrus Elite 5050 rabbit food.

While they don’t breed for how quality, Heidi’s Hollands Rabbitry is keen on entering shows with their rabbits in the future. Notably, Heidi’s Hollands Rabbitry socializes their rabbits from an early age. They also give them lots of love, care, and hands-on attention daily.

Heidi’s Hollands Rabbitry Details

2. B & B Rabbitry

B & B Rabbitry Louisiana

If you are in Louisiana and searching for any of these rabbit breeds, Holland Lops, Lionhead, and English Angoras, look no further than B & B Rabbitry. This small breeder boasts of raising some of Louisiana’s best-purebred show-quality rabbits.

B & B Rabbitry currently focuses on shaded in Lionheads, otters in the Holland Lops, and the BEW and Harlequins in the Angoras. Like other top rabbit breeders in Louisiana, B & B Rabbitry prioritizes health and temperament. As such, rabbits are socialized early and receive hands-on attention. They are also fed a quality diet with regular vet visits to ensure all is well health-wise.

B & B Rabbitry Details

3. Ohana Valley Rabbitry

Ohana Valley Rabbitry Louisiana

Ohana Valley Rabbitry in Louisiana offers a variety of quality rabbit breeds. At Ohana Valley Rabbitry, bunnies and rabbits receive excellent care from the first day they come into the world. From socialization to diet, the team at Ohana Valley Rabbitry spares nothing when raising their bunnies.

The rabbits and bunnies at Ohana Valley Rabbitry eat Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, Manna Pro Rabbit feed, Timothy hay, and Alfalfa. This helps in improving their health. The rabbits and bunnies are also socialized and receive hands-on care early. The rabbit breeds you’ll find at Ohana Valley Rabbitry are Harlequin, Mini Rex, New Zealand Red, and Lionhead.

Ohana Valley Rabbitry Details

4. Evil Bunny Rabbitry

Evil Bunny Rabbitry Louisiana

Last on the list of the best rabbit breeders in Louisiana is “Evil Bunny Rabbitry.” Evil Bunny Rabbitry prides itself in selling rabbits according to the standard perfection of the breeds they raise. Notably, Evil Bunny Rabbitry primarily breeds rabbits to feed their family.

However, they do have breeding stock that they provide to trusted breeders and 4-H participants. Evil Bunny Rabbitry specializes in several breeds. They include Dwarf Hotot, Blanc de Hotot, Californian, Dutch, French Lop, and New Zealand Red. With all their rabbits, health is very important. They raise their rabbits in a clean environment inside their home.

Evil Bunny Rabbitry Details

  • Name: Evil Bunny Rabbitry
  • Location: Cut Off, Louisiana
  • Website: Evil Bunny Rabbitry
  • Breed: Dwarf Hotot, Blanc de Hotot, Californian, Dutch, French Lop, New Zealand Red
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Owner: Sheree Johnson

Conclusion For The “Best Rabbit Breeders in Louisiana”

Conclusion For The Best Rabbit Breeders in Louisiana

Our team at ILY Best hopes that this list of rabbit breeders in Louisiana will help you on your journey for a companion. Whether you plan to purchase a rabbit from our list of breeders in Louisiana or through another source, remember always to do additional research.

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