5 Best Rabbit Breeders in Iowa! (2022)

Our team at ILY Best compiled this list of rabbit breeders in Iowa to help you on your journey to finding a companion. We went through each breeder and compiled this list for you to find a suitable breeder for your future rabbit.

1. Rocket Rabbitry

Rocket Rabbitry Iowa

High up on the list of rabbit breeders in Iowa is Rocket Rabbitry. Located close to Cedar Rapids, Rocket Rabbitry specializes in high-quality Dwarf Hotots, Himalayans, and Mini Rex. Rocket Rabbitry is an ARBA registered rabbitry and, as such, breeds to meet the standard of perfection in breeding rabbits.

In addition to the breeds listed already, Rocket Rabbitry once in a while has Blanc De Hotots, Rhinelanders, Czech Frosties, Beveren’s, and Netherland Dwarfs. Health and temperament are important with Rocket Rabbitry. This helps them compare to rabbits at a national level.

Rocket Rabbitry Details

2. Urban Hop Rabbitry

Urban Hop Rabbitry Iowa

If you are after a rabbit breeder in Iowa specializing in quality Champagne d’ Argent, and Champagne d’ Argent, look no further than Urban Hop Rabbitry. Urban Hop Rabbitry promises rabbit lovers in Iowa healthy bunnies with good temperaments.

They specialize in breeding quality pedigreed Champagne d’Argent rabbits and bunnies as pets, 4-H, and for show. With Urban Hop Rabbitry, rabbit lovers can expect show-quality rabbits that’ll compete at any level.

Urban Hop Rabbitry Details

3. Piquard’s Rabbitry

Piquard's Rabbitry Iowa

Piquard’s Rabbitry prides itself in raising pedigreed Holland lops and Netherland Dwarfs. Notably, Holland lops take pride in how they raise their rabbits. Of importance is the health and temperament of their rabbits. For this, they give their rabbits hands-on attention and socialization with other animals and family members from an early age.

In addition, they raise their rabbits in their home in a clean environment. Piquard’s Rabbitry offers additional services to their rabbits after selling them. These services include nail trimmings for bunnies and bunny sitting. To contact Piquard’s Rabbitry, use the contact form on their official contact page.

Piquard’s Rabbitry Details

4. Rocking DM Rabbitry

Rocking DM Rabbitry Iowa

Rocking DM Rabbitry works tirelessly to make sure that they offer quality rabbits. Even better, they promise affordable prices on all their bunnies. With Rocking DM Rabbitry, you receive more than 16 years of experience breeding and showing rabbits. In other words, they know what they are doing when breeding and raising rabbits.

Rocking DM Rabbitry specializes in the following breeds, Flemish Giant, Mini-Rex, and Lionhead. Notably, they offer these breeds of rabbits in a variety of colors. For instance, they have Mini-Rex in red and tort and the Flemish Giants in Steel, White, and Fawn.

Rocking DM Rabbitry Details

5. Bailey Bunny Farm

Bailey Bunny Farm Iowa

Last on the list of the best rabbit breeders in Iowa is Bailey Bunny Farm. Bailey Bunny Farm is located just outside Des Moines in Colfax, Iowa. They specialize in high-quality Holland Lops.

By specializing in one breed of rabbit, they can focus their attention on breeding show quality Holland Lops. Notably, Bailey Bunny Farm handles their bunnies every day, and they all live in solid floor cages. Even better, Bailey Bunny Farm litter trains all their bunnies.

Bailey Bunny Farm Details

Conclusion For The “Best Rabbit Breeders in Iowa”

Conclusion For The Best Rabbit Breeders in Iowa

Our team at ILY Best hopes that this list of rabbit breeders in Iowa will help you introduce a bunny companion into your home. Please remember to do additional research before meeting up with a rabbit breeder from Iowa.

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