4 Best Rabbit Breeders in Florida! (2022)

This guide will help you find the best rabbit breeders in Florida. If you’ve just discovered the benefit of having a rabbit as a pet and are living in Florida, then you probably want one as your companion. If this is the case then you are in luck. Below is a list of rabbit breeders in Florida that are sure to sell you that perfect bunny.

1. Loppy Bunny

Loppy Bunny Florida

High up on the list of rabbit breeders in Florida is Loppy Bunny. Loppy Bunny specializes in breeding quality Holland Hops. If you are interested in having a Holland Hop bunny as your pet then Loppy Bunny is the rabbitry to visit. Loppy Bunny promises bunnies that will create a lasting bond with their new owners or handlers.

Loppy Bunny Details

2. Sunshine Lops and Dwarfs Rabbitry

Sunshine Lops and Dwarfs Rabbitry Florida

Sunshine Lops and Dwarfs Rabbitry specializes in raising Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs. One of the many positives about Sunshine Lops and Dwarfs Rabbitry is that they breed bunnies to the ARBA standard of perfection.

By doing so, Sunshine Lops and Dwarfs Rabbitry can raise healthy quality rabbits. Note, Sunshine Lops and Dwarfs Rabbitry breeds for health and temperament

Sunshine Lops and Dwarfs Rabbitry Details

3. Hoppity Loppity Rabbitry

Hoppity Loppity Rabbitry Florida

Hoppity Loppity Rabbitry is a small home-based rabbitry specializing in pedigree Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarves. It prides itself in having bunnies that are socialized and litter trained.

The Netherland Dwarfs at Hoppity Loppity Rabbitry come from great lines like Coin, Garner, and Garret. Hoppity Loppity Rabbitry also boasts other top lines like Campos in Seattle.

Notably, Hoppity Loppity Rabbitry is registered with ANDRC (American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club) registered breeders, ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association), and HLSC (Holland Lop Specialty Club).

Hoppity Loppity Rabbitry Details

4. Niswonger Farms

Niswonger Farms Rabbit Florida

Last on the list of rabbit breeders in Florida is “Niswonger Farms.” Niswonger Farms is an Ocala-based rabbitry specializing in raising Flemish Giant bunnies.

Niswonger Farms strives to breed show-quality rabbits making them perfect for anyone interested in purchasing show rabbits. Niswonger Farms currently has the following variety of rabbits in their care, fawn, light gray, blue and black.

Niswonger Farms Details

Conclusion For The “Best Rabbit Breeders in Florida”

Conclusion For The Best Rabbit Breeders in Florida

Our team at ILY Best hopes that this list of rabbit breeders in Florida will help you find a companion. Whether you plan to purchase a rabbit through another source or from our list of Florida rabbit breeders, remember to do your research for additional preparation.

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