4 Best Rabbit Breeders in Canada! (2022)

If you’re searching for the best rabbit breeders in Canada, you’ve come to the right place. Our team at ILY Best compiled this list of the best recommendations so that you could bring home a rabbit from a trusted breeder in Canada.

1. Cedar Lane Rabbitry

Cedar Lane Rabbitry Canada

High up on the list of best rabbit breeders in Canada is Cedar Lane Rabbitry. Cedar Lane Rabbitry strives to produce quality rabbits and has been doing so since 2006. The quality of rabbits Cedar Lane Rabbitry produce is to the ARBA standard of perfection. Cedar Lane Rabbitry specializes in Mini Rex and Holland Lop.

Notably, Cedar Lane Rabbitry breeds for Blue, Lilac, Chocolate, and Black in their Mini Rex and Black and Blue in their Holland Lops. In addition, the rabbits at Cedar Lane Rabbitry are happy, healthy, and friendly, making them perfect pet companions.

Cedar Lane Rabbitry Details

2. Country Maple Rabbitry

Country Maple Rabbitry Canada

Country Maple Rabbitry is another must-feature rabbit breeder in Canada. They specialize in two rabbit breeds and strive to breed pedigree Netherland Dwarf rabbits and Velveteen Lop rabbits. One of the reasons why Country Maple Rabbitry selected these two rabbit breeds is weight.

These two are the smallest breed of rabbits in the world. Their tiny physique makes them ideal family pets. Notably, the rabbits at Country Maple Rabbitry are around cats, dogs, and kids. By doing so, their rabbits and bunnies all have sweet temperaments. In addition, all the bunnies are handheld daily and come with full pedigree.

Country Maple Rabbitry Details

3. HD’S Rabbitry

HD'S Rabbitry Canada

HD’S Rabbitry is a small rabbit breeder in Canada located in Alberta. They specialize in breeding two rabbit breeds, quality Dwarf Hotots and Netherland Dwarfs. Color-wise, HD’S Rabbitry boasts a variety of Dwarf Hotots and Netherland Dwarfs.

The rabbit colors at HD’S Rabbitry include Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, and Blue. The Mini Rex at HD’S Rabbitry is in self colors, and their Lionheads are in Shaded. Notably, HD’S Rabbitry has one objective, to produce show-quality rabbits that also make perfect pet companions.

In addition, HD’S Rabbitry does not have any tempered dwarfs. Organizations that HD’S Rabbitry happens to be a member of are ARBA and ADHRC. HD’S Rabbitry has had success in the shows they’ve taken up in.

HD’S Rabbitry Details

4. Golden Carrot Rabbitry

Golden Carrot Rabbitry Canada

The last rabbitry to feature in our best rabbit breeders in Canada post is Golden Carrot Rabbitry. Located in Calgary, Alberta, Golden Carrot Rabbitry specializes in breeding two types of rabbit breeds, Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs.

Golden Carrot Rabbitry has been raising these two rabbit breeds since 2006. They breed for quality and temperament. Golden Carrot Rabbitry boasts rabbits with sweet personalities.

Golden Carrot Rabbitry Details

Conclusion For The “Best Rabbit Breeders in Canada”

Conclusion For The "Best Rabbit Breeders in Canada"

We hope this list of rabbit breeders in Canada will help you find a compatible companion to introduce into your home. Whether you plan to purchase a rabbit from a breeder in Canada using our list or through another source, remember always to do additional research.

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