5 Best Rabbit Breeders in Australia! (2022)

If you’re searching for the best rabbit breeders in Australia, this guide compiled by our team at ILY Best will help you on your journey. We compiled this list to save you time, so feel free to scroll through each breeder and find one that’s most suitable for you.

1. Tash’s Rabbit Harnesses

Tash’s Rabbit Harnesses Australia

Tash’s Rabbit Harnesses is a rabbit breeder in Australia specializing in Mini Lop and Netherland Dwarfs. There are many things to love about Tash’s Rabbit Harnesses. For starters, they breed to the BRC standards.

By doing so, Tash’s Rabbit Harnesses has been able to quality and beautiful Mini Lops and Netherland Dwarfs. Notably, Tash’s Rabbit Harnesses plans on breeding and showing opal Netherlands dwarfs in the future.

In addition, Tash’s Rabbit Harnesses is a member of the Rabbit Hopping Society Of Australia, Rabbit Breeders Association of NSW, Blue Mountains Rabbit Club, and Rabbit Fanciers Society of NSW. They also make approved H harnesses. With it, you can easily control your bunny when giving them exercises outside.

Tash’s Rabbit Harnesses Details

2. Mini Lop Manor & The Dutch Hutch

Mini Lop Manor & The Dutch Hutch Australia

Located in Penrith and Dubbo NSW, Mini Lop Manor & The Dutch Hutch specialize in breeding three rabbit breeds. These three are Mini Lops, Mini Rex, and Netherland Dwarfs.

Mini Lop Manor & The Dutch Hutch focuses on improving the breed of rabbits they raise. They also educate the masses about these three breeds.

They do this to help promote proper bunny care and the importance of good bunny health. Notably, Mini Lop Manor & The Dutch Hutch boats a qualified veterinary nurse in their corner. You can bet that all their rabbits are in good health with a qualified vet.

Mini Lop Manor & The Dutch Hutch Details

3. BunnyBotanica Rabbitry

BunnyBotanica Rabbitry Australia

Located in inner-city Perth, Western Australia, BunnyBotanica Rabbitry is a small rabbitry boasting some of the best bunnies in Australia. BunnyBotanica Rabbitry specializes in Mini Lops.

They strive to make sure that they raise Mini Lops that are loving, healthy, and show quality. BunnyBotanica Rabbitry strictly adheres to breeding standards set aside for breeding Mini Lops.

If you are thinking about getting a Mini Lop from BunnyBotanica Rabbitry, do keep in mind that you will be required to provide details about the home you plan on providing for the bunny you’ll take home.

BunnyBotanica Rabbitry Details

4. Aurelia Rabbitry

Aurelia Rabbitry Australia

Aurelia Rabbitry has a simple goal, to improve the Netherland Dwarf breed by BRC standards. There are many positives with Aurelia Rabbitry. For starters, Aurelia Rabbitry is highly experienced in matters breeding Netherlands Dwarfs. Aurelia Rabbitry has more than ten years of breeding experience.

The Netherland Dwarfs at Aurelia Rabbitry are hand raised indoors and outdoors. By doing so, they breed happy and friendly bunnies that are ready to join their new families. Notably, Aurelia Rabbitry is a Blue Mountains Rabbit Club member.

Aurelia Rabbitry Details

5. Monvella Bunnies

Monvella Bunnies Australia

Last on the list of the best rabbit breeders in Australia is “Monvella Bunnies.” Monvella Bunnies is a small, family-run rabbitry specializing in adorable Mini Lops. Monvella Bunnie’s breeds for two things, health and temperament. They strive to make sure that their Mini Lops are healthy and have a loving temperament.

One of the many achievements Monvella Bunnies boasts is having on offer a rainbow of beautiful colors in their rabbitry. Monvella Bunnies raises all their bunnies indoors on a nutritionally balanced diet.

Monvella Bunnies Details

Conclusion For The “Best Rabbit Breeders in Australia”

Conclusion For The Best Rabbit Breeders in Australia

Our team at ILY Best hopes that this list of rabbit breeders in Australia will help you on your journey for a companion. Whether you plan to purchase from our list of Australian rabbit breeders or through another source, you should always prepare in advance by doing additional research.

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