3 Best Rabbit Breeders in Alabama! (2022)

If you’re searching for the best rabbit breeders in Alabama, you’ve come to the right place. Our team at ILY Best compiled this list of Alabama rabbit breeders to help you on your search.

1. Jones Crossroads Farm & Rabbitry

Jones Crossroads Farm & Rabbitry AL

Jones Crossroads Farm & Rabbitry’s backstory is simply amazing. It started as a school project for a little girl and slowly grew to one of the best rabbit breeders in Alabama. Jones Crossroads Farm & Rabbitry specializes in raising quality New Zealand, Mini Rex, Mini Satins/Satins, Harlequin, California, and Dutch.

Jones Crossroads Farm & Rabbitry is always expanding, you might find a rabbit breed not mentioned here at their rabbitry. Jones Crossroads Farm & Rabbitry raises New Zealands and Californians for meat production.

Jones Crossroads Farm & Rabbitry Details

2. Buckeye Rabbits

Buckeye Rabbits AL

Buckeye Rabbits is a small rabbitry located in Brownsboro, Alabama. Worth pointing out, Buckeye Rabbits raise rabbits mainly for meat purposes. They do, however, have rabbits occasionally for breeding stock and pets.

That said, Buckeye Rabbits specializes in the American rabbit breed. They strive for quality with their rabbits. Ensuring that they are raised right is important to guarantee perfect meat and great companions if taken in as pets.

Buckeye Rabbits Details

3. Jack’s Rabbits

Jack's Rabbits AL

Last on the list of the best rabbit breeders in Alabama is “Jack’s Rabbits.” Jack’s Rabbits is a rabbitry in Millbrook, Alabama specializing in raising Mini Rex and Mini Holland Lops.

Like other top rabbit breeders in Alabama, Jack’s Rabbits Rabbitry houses its rabbits in nice spacious pens. The rabbits at Jack’s Rabbits are not caged. Notably, Jack’s Rabbits do not have meat rabbits.

The rabbits that Jack’s Rabbits raise are pets only rabbits. While they mainly specialize in Mini Rex and Mini Holland Lops, you might find other breeds at their rabbitry.

John’s Rabbits Details

  • Name: Jack’s Rabbits
  • Location: Millbrook, Alabama
  • Address: 3760 Hampton Oaks Dr 36054 Millbrook, AL 36054
  • Facebook: Jack’s Rabbits
  • Breed: Holland Lops, Mini Rex
  • Phone Number: (334) 313-4652
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Contact Person: Robert Wynn

Conclusion For The “Best Rabbit Breeders in Alabama”

Conclusion For The Best Rabbit Breeders in Alabama

We hope this list of rabbit breeders in Alabama will help you introduce a companion into your home. Whether you plan to purchase a rabbit from our Alabama list or through another source, remember to do additional research on the breeder.

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