3 Best Pho Restaurants in Singapore! (2022)

If you’re searching for the best pho restaurants in Singapore, you’ve come to the right place. Our team at ILY Best compiled this list of the best pho restaurants in Singapore, so you can find your new favorite go-to location to dine.

1. Long Phung

Long Phung (Singapore)

There is no denying there is no Pho restaurant in Singapore like Long Phung. The Vietnamese community and locals have voted it the best Vietnamese restaurant in Singapore. Suppose you are wondering why Long Phung serves authentic, frills-free Vietnamese cuisine. They have an extensive menu that features reasonably priced pho favorites.

Furthermore, they serve up high-quality Pho dishes with unique flavors. Long Phung boasts an excellent ambiance, a warm and cramped atmosphere, and efficient and friendly customer service. If you love some Vietnamese in the background while enjoying your Pho dish, then you’ll love Long Phung.

They play relaxing Vietnamese music in the background. Must-try Pho dishes at Long Phung include the Chicken and Beef Pho, Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Special Beef Pho, Com Suon (Vietnamese Pork Chop Rise), and Hu Tieu Kho (Dry noodle with prawn, quail egg, pork, innards).

Long Phung Details

2. Super Ngon

Super Ngon (Singapore)

Super Ngon is a must-feature when talking about Pho restaurants in Singapore. Super Ngon focuses on providing dinners in Singapore with traditional and authentic Vietnamese Pho. Super Ngon uses only fresh ingredients to prepare their Pho dishes.

The Pho dishes at Super Ngon include rice noodle soup, Sprill rolls, and dripped coffee from Hanoi. The Pho dishes at Super Ngon are carefully prepared and cooked with passion by certified Vietnamese chefs.

Super Ngon Details

3. Mrs. Pho House

Mrs. Pho House (Singapore)

The last Pho restaurant to feature in the post about Pho restaurants in Singapore is Mrs. Pho House. Mrs. Pho House prides itself in being a tribute to Vietnamese mothers, aunties, and grandmothers that we’ve crowned the best cook in the family or neighborhood.

It is with this that Mrs. Pho House strives for a family setting. They want dinners to feel at home when they dine at Mrs. Pho House. One of the many positives with Mrs. Pho House is their Pho menu. They have an array of Pho dishes, carefully prepared to bring out authentic Pho taste.

Mrs. Pho House Details

Conclusion For The “Best Pho Restaurants in Singapore”

Conclusion For The Best Pho Restaurants in Singapore

Our ILY Best team hopes this list of pho restaurants in Singapore will help you find a new go-to restaurant to dine at. Whether you plan to go to a pho restaurant in Singapore using our list or another source, remember to do additional research.

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