4 Best Pho Restaurants in Los Angeles, CA! (2022)

If you’re searching for the best pho restaurants in Los Angeles, then you’ve come to the right place. Pho is a delicious traditional Vietnamese meal. With interest in this meal quickly growing, more and more restaurants are starting to offer it on their menu.

While this is ideal, we all want to try authentic pho, and what better way to do it than eating it at a top pho restaurant. If you are craving authentic pho and happened to be in Los Angeles, you are in luck. Below is a look at the best Pho restaurants in Los Angeles.

1. KTown Pho

KTown Pho Los Angeles

Established back in 2017, KTown Pho is a small family-owned restaurant that serves up authentic and traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Even better, they do so while adding fresh ingredients that work to give their meals a unique taste.

KTown Pho’s currently go-to Pho meal features five flavors in every bite. These five are Salty, Sour, Sweet, Spicy, and Natural Umani. If you are after something special, you can ask them to customize your order.

KTown Pho Details

2. Pho Saigon Pearl

Pho Saigon Pearl Los Angeles

You can’t put up a post highlighting the best Pho restaurants in Los Angeles without mentioning Pho Saigon Pearl. Pho Saigon Pearl Vietnamese restaurant promises an experience like no other to diners who choose to pho with them.

Pho Saigon Pearl is a family-owned restaurant that prides itself in serving up authentic Vietnamese food pho for the soul. Other than the food, Pho Saigon Pearl strives for a family-friendly environment. It is perfect for families that want to pho with them.

Pho Saigon Pearl Details

3. Absolutely PHObulous

Absolutely PHObulous Los Angeles

Absolutely PHObulous has been serving the people of Los Angeles with scrumptious pho specials for over 16 years. Absolutely PHObulous is the original pho establishment in the Mid-City West area.

They have one goal; offer a comfortable environment for everyone to enjoy their meals. Speaking of which, Absolutely PHObulous serves classic noodle soups & spring rolls.

Absolutely PHObulous Details

4. Downtown LA Pho

Downtown LA Pho Los Angeles

Last on the list of the best pho restaurants in Los Angeles, California, is “Downtown LA Pho.” Downtown LA Pho promises diners authenticity and quality. Downtown LA Pho prides itself on being all about authentic and quality Vietnamese dishes.

Downtown LA Pho does not cut corners when preparing and serving their Vietnamese dishes. They use fresh ingredients full of aroma. They do have their signature pho broth that they promise to be a treat to any pho lover.

Downtown LA Pho Details

Conclusion For The “Best Pho Restaurants in Los Angeles, CA”

Conclusion For The Best Pho Restaurants in Los Angeles, CA

We hope this list of pho restaurants in Los Angeles, California, will help you find a suitable location for your breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner. How about even a recovery meal after a long night of drinking?

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