4 Best Persian Cat Breeders in Florida! (2021)

Persian Cat Breeders in Florida

If you’re searching for Persian Cat breeders in Florida, then you’re in luck. In this post, you’ll get to see details about all the best Persian Cat breeders in Florida. There are lots of things that make these Persian cat breeders better than the rest.

For starters, they adhere strictly to rules and regulations set aside for breeding Persian Cats. This guarantees you get Persian Cat(s) that are healthy and socialized when you get one from them.

1. Charaeann Persians

Charaeann Persians

As a breeder, Charaeann Persians prides itself in breeding kittens from award-winning lines. They only specialize in breeding Persians and this allows them to properly breed their cats. Kittens from this breeder are cared for from a very early age and socialized.

Health is also very important with this breeder. In addition to regular vet visits and checkups, Charaeann Persians ensure that all their cats are fed a strict diet of Royal Canin Persian cat food. Fun fact, they do ask individuals that get a Persian from them to continue with the diet.

Charaeann Persians Details

2. Cats Creation

Cats Creation

Cats Creation is another ideal or go-to Persian Cat breeder in Florida. As a breeder, Cats Creation specializes in Persian kittens only. Furthermore, they only deal with a specific color of Persian kittens.

They are Shimmering Chinchilla and shaded silvers, the dazzling golden’s, and the heavenly-pure whites. Their cats are all CFA registries and do have classic Persian baby doll face.

Health-wise, their kittens come with a vet-issued health certificate license. Their cats are also blood tested for Felv and FIV and are all negative.

Cats Creation Details

3. Emerald Coast Persians

Emerald Coast Persians

Amazing and adorable Persians is what you get with Emerald Coast Persians. This cat breeder prides itself in breeding the very best when it comes to Persian Cats.

They guarantee adorable little kittens that are healthy and socialized. Emerald Coast Persians is one of those breeders that breed few litters per year. If you want to get one from them, you should book for one way-way early.

Emerald Coast Persians Details

  • Name: Emerald Coast Persians
  • Address: 7940 Front Beach Rd #1012, Panama City Beach, FL 32407, United States
  • Website: Emerald Coast Persians
  • Phone Number: (954) 788-7632
  • Email Address: N/A

4. Lions & Owls Cattery

Lions & Owls Cattery

Last on the list of Persian Cat breeders in Florida is “Lions & Owls Cattery.” If you are on the lookout for a luxury show Persian cat, then Lions & Owl Cattery is perfect for you.

This breeder prides itself in breeding award-winning luxury show Persian kittens and Persian cats. All their litters have an outstanding pedigree and are highly prized bloodlines. In addition, they are ringworm, FeLV, PKD, and FIV-free.

Appearance-wise, their Persian cats have baby doll faces and spot extra-long coats. As with the other breeders on this list, Lions & Owl cattery is a registered member of the Cat Fanciers’ Association

Lions & Owls Cattery Details

Conclusion For The “Best Persian Cat Breeders in Florida”

Conclusion For The Best Persian Cat Breeders in Florida

For some people, finding a Persian Cat breeder in Florida isn’t always an easy task. You have to find a kitten most suitable for your home. Remember to do your search on each cattery. With that in mind, we hope your search in Florida for a kitten goes well.

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