3 Best Norwegian Forest Cat Breeders in Colorado! (2022)

Here’s what you need to know if you’re searching for Norwegian Forest Cat breeders in Colorado. There has been a surge in cat lovers looking for Norwegian Forest Cats, and good reasons.

Norwegian Forest Cats are not only beautiful but have loving temperaments making them ideal companions. Even better, they do well with families. Simply put, kids love playing with them, and they love playing with kids as well.

Unfortunately, getting a breeder that cares for Norwegian Forest Cats is not easy. Some states in the United States don’t have Norwegian Forest Cats breeders.

For this post, we’ll be highlighting one of the few states with Norwegian Forest Cat breeders. Below you’ll find a list of Norwegian Forest Cat breeders in Colorado.

1. Red Canyon Cats

Red Canyon Cats

Red Canyon Cats is a small cattery in Castle Rock, Colorado, specializing in breeding Norwegian Forest Cats. Red Canyon Cats pride itself in its cattery. They currently have five Norwegian Forest Cats that make up their cattery.

These five are the ones that end up giving birth to adorable litters every year. Like other reputable breeders throughout the country, Red Canyon Cats factors in two things with their breeding program, health and temperament.

Health-wise, they see that they test their cats for feline conditions like PKD and HCM before breeding them (they are all negative). They also arrange regular vet visits for their cats and kittens.

With these visits, the vet ensures all is well with their cats and kittens at all times. Temperament-wise, they socialize their cats from an early age. Likewise, their kids and even family pets like dogs get to play with their Norwegian Forest cats from a young age.

Red Canyon Cats Details

  • Name: Red Canyon Cats
  • Location: Castle Rock, Colorado
  • Website: Red Canyon Cats
  • Breed: Norwegian Forest Cats
  • Phone Number: N/A
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Contact Person: Brenda Mosal

2. Skogberg Cattery

Skogberg Cattery

Skogberg Cattery is keen on preserving the Nordic Sprit in Norwegian Forest Cats. They breed to ensure their Norwegian Forest cats are attentive but not overly demanding or vocal. They have a perfect hygge balance, coziness, and confines in their breeding habit, allowing them to breed quality Norwegian Forest Cats.

Worth noting, Skogberg Cattery adheres strictly to the TICA cattery code of ethics. In addition, they ensure that all their kittens are in good health at all times. This involves regular vet visits and a nutritional diet that gives their kittens the energy they need.

They also test their cats for PKD and are all negative. Simply put, their cats are of quality health. Notable awards that Skogberg Cattery has received include The G1 Paw Academy Award. In addition, Skogberg Cattery is a member of both TICA and CFA.

Considering that there are not that many Norwegian Forest Cat breeders in the United States, Skogberg Cattery offers shipment of their kittens countrywide. With their shipment option in place, any Norwegian Forest cat lover countrywide can get a kitten from them.

Skogberg Cattery Details

3. Colorado Norwegian Forest Cat Rescue

Colorado Norwegian Forest Cat Rescue

Last on the Norwegian Forest Cat breeders list in Colorado is “Colorado Norwegian Forest Cat Rescue.” Colorado Norwegian Forest Cat Rescue is known to have Norwegian Forest Cats once in a while after a rescue.

In the event this happens, they do share them on their page. Worth noting, the Norwegian Forest Cats they share tend to be fully-grown or tiny kittens. In addition, the contact person is different with every case.

Colorado Norwegian Forest Cat Rescue Details

Conclusion For The “Best Norwegian Forest Cat Breeders in Colorado”

Conclusion For The Best Cat Breeders in Colorado (1)

We hope this list of cat breeders in Colorado will help you find the perfect kitten companion. For more information, feel free to reach out to these Norwegian Forest Cat breeders in Colorado with the following details below.

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