3 Best Norwegian Forest Cat Breeders in Canada! (2022)

If you’re searching for Norwegian Forest Cat breeders in Canada, then you’ve come to the right place. Norwegian Forest cats are a rare breed. Furthermore, they are not your regular cats when it comes to breeding.

Simply put, they are not that easy to breed for several reasons. For starters, they shed heavily a couple of times every year. All these combined make it somehow challenging when it comes to looking for Norwegian Forest Cats. Why challenging?

Well, there are not that many breeders that breed this cat breed. For example, Canada has few catteries that breed Norwegian Forest cats. With this in mind, we’ll be sharing with you more than just Norwegian Forest cat breeders in Canada.

1. Saskkats Norwegian Forest Cats

Saskkats Norwegian Forest Cats

In terms of experience, this cattery boasts lots of experience in breeding Norwegian Forest cats. They started breeding Norwegian Forest cats back in 1992 in both TICA and CFA. Over the years, this cattery breeds all their kittens underfoot with two main concerns, that’s happiness and health.

Health-wise, this cattery makes sure that all their cats get regular visits and not because they are sick or unwell, but because they want to make sure that all their cats are healthy at all times. In addition, their breeding cats are from a parent linage that’s free of DNA and PKD.

With regards to happiness, they socialize their cats from a very early age. In most cases, they usually play with the kids in the family as well as other cats. They are always not bred using cages. They are free to roam around as they please within the house.

Saskkats Norwegian Forest Cats Details

2. Chatterie Lucykatts

Chatterie Lucykatts

Chatterie Lucykatts is another go-to cattery in Canada for anyone looking for Norwegian Forest cats. Their history with breeding Norwegian Forest cats dates back to 2009. As a breeder, Chatterie Lucykatts only breeds Norwegian Forest cats.

This has helped them breed quality and pure Norwegian cats. As with the other Norwegian Forest cat breeder in this post, Chatterie Lucykatts focuses highly on health and temperament.

Regular visits from the vet are a thing with this breeder to make sure that everything is okay with all their cat and kittens. Their breeding cats are tested and free of DNA or PKD.

Equally important to note, their cats are desexed, treated for worms, heartworm, fleas, and ear mites. Matters temperament, Chatterie Lucykatts, goes to great lengths to ensure their kitten has a good temperament.

This includes mandatory playing time for the kittens with the kids in the family and other cats. Caging is a no-no with this breeder. All cats are free to roam around as they please.

Chatterie Lucykatts Details

3. New Hope Animal Rescue

New Hope Animal Rescue

As mentioned earlier, they are not that many Norwegian Forest cat breeders in Canada. Luckily, a few rescue homes breed or care for this cat breed for a short period. One such rescue home that is top class is New Hope Animal Rescue.

They are all about placing rescued pets, including their Norwegian Forest cats, in good homes.  So expect screening questions when you settle on getting a Norwegian Forest cat from them. Furthermore, they do prefer a home with no other cats or dogs.

New Hope Animal Rescue Details

Conclusion For The “Best Norweigan Forest Cat Breeders in Canada”

Conclusion For The "Best Norweigan Forest Cat Breeders in Canada"

Even though the list is short, we hope it’ll help you find a Norweigan Forest Cat kitten to introduce to your home. If you have any questions, we list the details below. Our team at ILY Best wishes you the best on your journey.

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