3 Best Norwegian Forest Cat Breeders in California! (2022)

Are you thinking of getting a Norwegian Forest Cat as a pet for your home? Norwegian Forest Cats are great pets to have in just about any home. Not only are they cute, but they are also very affectionate and loving. The trick with seeking a Norwegian Forest is getting one from a top breeder. Do this, and you a guaranteed a healthy Norwegian Forest with a good temperament.  It is with this that we’ve shared this post with you. This post highlights the best Norwegian Forest Cat breeders in California.

Before scrolling down this list of Norweigan Forest Cat breeders in California, check out these guides:

1. Sangha Norwegian Forest Cats

Sangha Norwegian Forest Cats

Located in Southern California, Sangha Norwegian Forest Cats prides itself in breeding high-quality Norwegian Forest Cats. They care for their kittens at home with them, and they allow all of them to have a free run at the house. In addition, they’ve bought several toys and treats that their kittens get to play with and enjoy.

They socialize their cats from a very early age and show them lots of love, care, and attention. On health matters, this Norwegian Forest Cats breeder ensures their kittens are free of FeLV and such. They also carry out vaccinations as per vet instructions on their kittens and de-worm their kittens regularly to ensure they are free of ringworms.

Sangha Norwegian Forest Cats Details

2. Featherland Norwegian Forest Cats

Featherland Norwegian Forest Cats

Featherland Norwegian Forest Cats is a breeder that focuses on breeding sweet and beautiful Norwegian Forest Cats and Khao Manee breeds. As a breeder, Featherland Norwegian Forest Cats strictly adheres to regulations on breeding Norwegian Forest Cats. For starters, cages are a no-no. They don’t use cages. Their kittens stay at home and are free to socialize with their kids and their dog as they please.

Breeding their kittens at home also allows them to show them lots of love and care. In addition, their cats are free of feline conditions like FeLV and FIV. A big plus with Featherland Norwegian Forest Cats is that the process of getting a cat from them is simple and easy. You might, however, have to join their waiting list to guarantee a Norwegian Forest Cats from this breeder. They breed few kittens at a time.

Featherland Norwegian Forest Cats Details

3. 2nd Chance Rescue Kitties

2nd Chance Rescue Kitties

Last on the list of the best Norwegian Forest Cat breeders in California is “2nd Chance Rescue Kitties.” 2ND Chance Rescue Kitties is not your average breeder. One might argue that they are not a breeder per-say. 2nd Chance Rescue Kitties does not sell kittens. They offer them up for adoption. Their mission is simple, come to the rescue of neglected and abandoned cats.

They provide them with the perfect home. Like any other breeder, 2nd Chance Rescue Kitties takes health seriously. They test their cats for harmful feline conditions to ensure they are healthy after they rescue them. Get in touch with them to see how you can adopt a Norwegian Forest Cat(s) from them.

2nd Chance Rescue Kitties Details

Conclusion For The “Best Norwegian Forest Cat Breeders in California”

Conclusion For The Best Norwegian Forest Cat Breeders in California

We hope this list of Norwegian Forest Cat breeders will help you find the perfect kitten to introduce into your home. If you have any questions or comments about the listed kitten breeders, please reach out to them. We compiled this list in hopes of helping you and future Norwegian Forest Cat owners. Our team wishes you the best in your new chapter in life with your kitten.

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