3 Best Norwegian Forest Cat Breeders in Australia! (2022)

Here’s what you need to know if you’re searching for Norwegian Forest Cat breeders in Australia. If you are after a cat that has a rugged appearance, then a Norwegian Forest cat is perfect for you.

This large-sized cat is a slow-maturing breed. They don’t attain full maturity until they reach five years old. Combine this with the fact that they are not prone to many health conditions, and you have a cat with a long lifespan.

Simply put, it is bound to be with you for years to come. Therefore, if you want a Norwegian Forest cat, you should get it from a reputable breeder. To help you spot a reputable breeder, below is a list of reputable Norwegian Forest Cat breeders.

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1. Borealis Norwegian Forest Cats

Borealis Norwegian Forest Cats Australia

Borealis Norwegian Forest Cats boasts more than ten years of experience breeding Norwegian Forest cats. With this experience, they’ve produced quality Norwegian Forest litters that are healthy every year.

Borealis Norwegian Forest Cats take various measures to ensure their kittens have good temperaments.  For instance, they created a perfect breeding space by building shelves, above-ground tunnels, steps, and playrooms.

Their litters and other studs use this space to play and exercise. Furthermore, their cats receive lots of attention, cuddling, and handling from family members when they run around the house.

Borealis Norwegian Forest Cats Details

2. Forest Star Norwegian Forest Cats

Forest Star Norwegian Forest Cats Australia

As a breeder, Forest Star Norwegian Forest Cats believe that Norwegian Forest cats are one of the most beautiful breeds of cats. To keep this crown, they strictly conform to the breeding procedures of a Norwegian Forest Cat.

As such, they’ve been able to breed quality litters yearly that are healthy with loving temperaments. Health-wise, their litters and sires receive regular vet visits.

Good to note, Forest Star Norwegian Forest Cats breeds its litters from big beautiful imported European champion lines. Furthermore, their Norwegian Forest cats have won awards at various international and local shows.

Forest Star Norwegian Forest Cats Details

3. Guysndolls Norwegian Forest Cats

Guysndolls Norwegian Forest Cats Australia

Last on the list of Norwegian Forest cat breeders in Australia is Guysndolls Norwegian Forest Cats. This Australian-based Norwegian Forest cat breeder is a registered breeder with CQI that breeds and shows the quality and healthy Norwegian Forest cat litters with loving temperaments.

Their sires are from European lines that are carefully selected and tested for PKD and other life-threatening feline conditions. The litters at this Norwegian Forest cat breeder live in their home as family members (they do not use cages).

While at home, they receive lots of care and attention, making them very confident and well socialized. Worth noting, Guysndolls Norwegian Forest Cats ensures that all their litters are microchipped, desexed, vaccinated (twice), wormed, and vet checked (twice).

Even better, their kittens are litter trained. So you won’t have to worry about them pooping on your couch, bed, or clothes. When you get a Norwegian Forest cat from Guysndolls Norwegian Forest Cats, you receive a kitten pack plus six weeks of free pet insurance.

Guysndolls Norwegian Forest Cats Details

Conclusion For The “Best Norwegian Forest Cat Breeders in Australia”

Conclusion For The Best Norwegian Forest Cat Breeders in Australia

We hope this list of Norwegian Forest Cat breeders in Australia helped you on your search. If you have any questions about these Australian cat breeders, please contact them below. Our team at ILY Best wishes you the best of luck on your journey for a companion.

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