3 Best Norwegian Forest Cat Breeders in Arizona! (2022)

If you’re searching for the best Norwegian Forest Cat breeders in Arizona, you’ve come to the right place. Our team at ILY Best will compile this list of the best Norwegian Forest Cat breeders in Arizona to help you on your journey to introducing a kitten into your home.

1. Advent Hill Cattery

Advent Hill Cattery (Arizona)

Advent Hill Cattery is a CFA, TICA, ACFA and CFF registered cattery in Scottsdale, Arizona. They specialize in raising three cat breeds. The three are Maine Coons, British Shorthairs, and the Norwegian Forest Cats. Advent Hill Cattery emphasizes health and a loving disposition with all these breeds. They also breed for size and type.

From the moment they are born, the Maine Coon, British Shorthair, and Norwegian Forest Cat kittens are handled with love and gentleness. They are also socialized, and this helps in improving their personality and temperament. Advent Hill Cattery specializes in shipping its cats all over the world. In addition, they sell kittens only by reservation to approved homes.

They sell their kitten once they have had sufficient time to develop their personalities. By doing so, the cats they share with cat lovers across Arizona are well-adjusted and healthy. Notably, Advent Hill Cattery is a feline leukemia-negative cattery. All the kittens at this cattery have a health certificate issued by a veterinarian and a health guarantee.

Advent Hill Cattery Details

2. Wind Haven Exotics

Wind Haven Exotics (Arizona)

Similar to Advent Hill Cattery, Wind Haven Exotics breeds different cat breeds. They raise Exotic Shorthairs, Cheetoh, Savannah, Norwegian Forest, and Ocicat. With all these breeds, Wind Haven Exotics aims to shed more light and hopefully change the public opinion on them.

The Health and overall temperament of cats and kittens is important with Wind Haven Exotics. They have in place regular vet visits, and cats are on a quality diet to help boost overall growth. Wind Haven Exotics only allows kittens to leave their care once they’ve fully developed.

Wind Haven Exotics Details

  • Name: Wind Haven Exotics
  • Location: Vernon, Arizona
  • Website: Wind Haven Exotics
  • Breed: Exotic Shorthair, Ocicat, Cheetoh, Savannah, Norwegian Forest
  • Phone: N/A
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Owner: Courtney Trent

3. Fearless Kitty Rescue

Fearless Kitty Rescue (Arizona)

The Norwegian Forest cat breed is relatively new in the United States. With this, few breeders spread out in the country, and Arizona is no different. Given this fact, if you are looking to get a Norwegian Forest cat or kitten, you are best searching for one at a rescue center.

One such cat rescue center in Arizona is Fearless Kitty Rescue. Fearless Kitty Rescue rescues different cat breeds like the Norwegian Forest cat. Get in touch with Fearless Kitty Rescue today and enquire whether they have a Norwegian Forest cat up for adoption.

Fearless Kitty Rescue Details

Conclusion For The “Best Norwegian Forest Cat Breeders in Arizona”

Conclusion For The Best Norwegian Forest Cat Breeders in Arizona

Our team at ILY Best hopes that this list of Norwegian Forest Cat breeders in Arizona will help you on your journey to finding a compatible companion. Whether you plan to purchase a Norwegian Forest Cat from a breeder in Arizona using our list or through another source, remember always to do additional research.

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