Nail Salons in Orange County CA

4 Best Nail Salons in Orange County, CA! (2022)

If you’re trying to find the best nail salons in Orange County, California, then you’ve come to the right place. Our team at ILY Best compiled a list of the best locations for you. In case you take trips to the nail salon seriously, then chances are – you’re not comfortable walking into just about any places, or you have no idea which location to choose. You want a nail salon where you’ll get not only exceptional nail care but also quality service. If this is you and you’re living in Orange County, California, then this guide will help ease the process. In this list, we’ll highlight the best nail salons in Orange County where you can go relax and have your nails done by well-trained pros.

The nail salons we’ll be discussing are:

  • Tustin Nails Spa
  • The Ritz Nails
  • Unique Nail & Spa
  • Nina’s Nails & Spa

1. Tustin Nails Spa

Tustin Nails Spa

First on the list of best nail salons in Orange County is “Tustin Nails Spa.” While there are many positive things associated with this nail business, our team personally loves the fact that they have an entire booklet showcasing various nail designs. Tustin Nails Spa offers a wide range of services, including facials, body waxing, pedicure, eyelash extension, and spa treatment. If you’re not content with the services provided here, they have a money-back policy. Please don’t take advantage of their business even though they have a money-back policy. In most cases, customers here are happy after entering!

Tustin Nails Spa Business Details

2. The Ritz Nails

The Ritz Nails

The Ritz Nails is another ideal nail salon location in Orange County. There are numerous good things about this business! Aside from the workers being friendly, we love the fact that their services are reasonably priced. With that in mind, it’s easy to set up an appointment with The Ritz Nails. You can visit their Facebook page and click “Book Now” for your appointment. They’re pretty active on Facebook, in case you have any questions. For more information or any questions you might have, feel free to utilize the information listed below by our team.

The Ritz Nails Business Details

  • Name: The Ritz Nails
  • Location: Choc Pediatric Subspecialty Faculty PSF
  • Address: 419 S Main St, Orange, CA 92868
  • Facebook: The Ritz Nails
  • Phone Number: (714) 639-8535

3. Unique Nail & Spa

Unique Nail & Spa

Another nail salon known for its fantastic nail art and services is Unique Nail & Spa. This location has a modern approach to its nail designs. Unique Nail & Spa pride itself in having stunning designs, such as Spongebob art and various others. This business offers a wide range of services, including classic manicures, foot massages, callus removal, French tip fill-in, and classic pedicures. Their team of amazing nail technicians is not only good at what they do, but they also provide excellent and professional relationships with customers. If you’re planning to head to this location, expect awesome customer service.

Unique Nail & Spa Business Details

4. Nina’s Nails & Spa

Nina's Nails & Spa

Last on the list of the best nail salons in Orange County, California, is “Nina’s Nails & Spa.” If you’re searching for a flashier nail salon in Orange County, then Nina’s Nails & Spa might be the ideal location for you. This nail salon location has an excellent slick posh interior design with well-lit-up spaces. What’s even better is that it’s pretty roomy for customers. Some of the services Nina’s Nails & Spa offer include eyebrow and eyelashes service. They also offer callus removal, polish change, get full set, and pink/white full set. If you’re near the area and want to get your nails done, Nina’s Nails & Spa is definitely on our list for one of the top businesses.

Nina’s Nails & Spa Business Details

Nail Salons in Orange County, California

Nail Salons in Orange County

We hope this guide will help you find the best nail salons in Orange County, California. Nail salons can become busy, so we advise you to book an appointment or call the nail business in advance. Most nail places will accept customers without appointments, but when it’s busy – the wait can be quite draining for a person.

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