5 Best Mikasa Ackerman Fan Art and Drawings! (2022)

In this list of the best Mikasa Ackerman fan art and drawings, you’ll find artists compiled by us. Feel free to reach out to them and thank them for their stunning work. Before we get started, here’s a quick summary of Mikasa Ackerman.

Mikasa Ackerman is an anime character from “Attack on Titan” manga, which eventually became one of the most popular anime shows. In the manga, Mikasa is a deuteragonist that grew up in her harsh reality.

At a young age, Mikasa’s parents were killed by traffickers and were eventually rescued by Eren Yeager. Eren’s dad took in Mikasa, and they both grew up together. When Wall Maria was breached, Mikasa joined the survey corps to shield Eren from threats.

After four seasons of Attack on Titan have been released, many fans have Mikasa Ackerman as their favorite character. Whether you’re a true Mikasa fan or looking for interesting artwork, this list compiled by our team will help you.

1. Mikasa and Eren Relationship by @hidd.engarden

Mikasa and Eren Relationship

First on the list of the best Mikasa Ackerman fan art and drawings is a post from @hidd.engarden. This is a digital artwork by the creator, @hidd.engarden, on Instagram.

This masterpiece has over 6,000+ likes. The artist wrote the picture description: “Still sad it’s over.” It is sad for many manga fans to follow the story in this manga for years.

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2. Mikasa’s Bedhead Short Hair by @kortrexart

Mikasas Bedhead Short Hair

During one of the episodes, when Mikasa Ackerman’s character had bedhead – it became a discussion topic throughout the community. This artwork is one of our favorites, created by @kortrexart on Instagram.

@kortrexart has a Twitter account and does a live stream, which you can follow. If you love this artwork, @kortrexart has many more (180+ posts) on Instagram.

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3. Mikasa Ackerman Crying by @reycomiart

This fan art was created by @reycomiart on Instagram. We believe that this art could be referencing season 4 of “Attack on Titan.” On the Instagram post, @reycomiart claimed that this was a quick drawing.

With talent like this, we admire the work. After going through hundreds of artworks, this deserves to be on our list. You can find more amazing artwork on @reycomiart’s Instagram profile.

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4. Mikasa’s Kid With ??? by @indybras

Mikasas Kid

Many “Attack on Titan” fans wonder what it’ll be like if Mikasa Ackerman has a kid in another universe. Who would the father be? If you’re a fan of these artworks, be sure to follow @indybras because this artist draws numerous characters that are considered the “perfect ship.” We browsed through the community and found comments ranging from Eren Yeager to Jean Kirstein. It’s up to you to decide.

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5. Eren and Mikasa Under a Tree by @_sweetspicy_

Eren and Mikasa Under a Tree

Last on the Mikasa Ackerman fan art is created by @_sweetspicy_, which displays Eren and Mikasa enjoying their time together under a tree. While the image is watermarked with @_sweetspicy_, the actual Twitter handle is @_SweetSpicy.

This fan art is one of our favorites because of its vivid colors. After all of the hardships and struggles in the “Attack on Titan” world, we think sharing their happy moments is nice.

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Conclusion For The “Best Mikasa Ackerman Fan Art and Drawings”

Mikasa Fan Art and Drawings

Our team at ILYBest.com compiled this list of the best Mikasa Ackerman fan art and drawings. Feel free to message our team if you have any questions or concerns. We accept submissions.

Whether you’re a fan of Mikasa Ackerman or not, we can both agree that this anime/manga has a great and depressing story.

It’s one of our favorite animes, without a doubt. For more content related to this list, check out our passion category, where we focus on sharing the best hobby-related things.

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