4 Best Maine Coon Breeders in Ohio! (2022)

This guide will help you find the best Maine Coon breeders in Ohio. With so many breeders offering Maine Coon cats, it can be tricky to find an ideal breeder. To assist you in settling on the perfect cattery in Ohio, we’ve opted to share with you this post on the best Maine Coon breeders in Ohio.

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1. BekkrAmee Maine Coons

BekkrAmee Maine Coons

First on the list of the best Maine Coon breeders in Ohio is “BekkrAmee Maine Coons.” BekkrAmee Maine Coons is a small cattery located in Northwest, Ohio. This Ohio-based Maine Coon cattery breeds adorable Maine Coon kittens with good temperaments. You can attribute these two to this breeder’s commitment to showing their litters’ love and care.

They also socialize their Maine Coons from a very young age and play with them. They’ve bought them lots of interactive toys for them to use and nests. They are also free to roam. This breeder does not use cages. Worth noting as well while on socialization is that they share their home with the kittens they breed. BekkrAmee Maine Coons’s plans its litters thoroughly. BekkrAmee Maine Coons’ health test all their cats for FIV, FeLV, SMA, HCM, and SMA.

BekkrAmee Maine Coons Details

2. Maine Lvrs Cattery

Maine Lvrs Cattery

Located in Mentor, Ohio, Maine Lvrs cattery is home to large and lovable Maine Coon Cats. As a breeder, Maine Lvrs Cattery boasts many positives. For starters, it’s a member of the CFA breeding council for the Maine Coon cat breed. Why does this matter? It shows that they breed their Maine Coons the right way. In other words, their Maine Coons have good temperaments and are healthy.

Worth pointing out with this Maine Coon is that they breed a wide range of Maine Coons (color-wise). You’ll find silver, brown, cream, blue, brown patched, silver patched, blue patched, cream-patched, cameo, and red Maine Coon with them. Furthermore, their Maine Coon cats can produce classic tabby or mackerel tabby patterns. The cats at BekkrAmee Maine Coons are tested annually by Echocardiogram for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Other health measures include vaccinations as per veterinarian recommendations and deworming.

Maine Lvrs Cattery Details

3. Highlander Maine Coons

Highlander Maine Coons

If experience is something you are after with your Maine Coon, then Highlander Maine Coons are your best bet. This Columbus, Ohio-based Maine Coon cattery is under the watchful eye of Teresa & Edwin Sweeney. Teresa is a CFA judge and has judged several events during the weekend, something she does as a hobby. As with other breeders listed in this post, Highlander Maine Coons breeds its cats in their homes.

They don’t use cages. They also socialize their cats from a very early age, and this helps them when they are adults as they can adapt to new homes or environments. Similarly, they see to it that their kittens and cats are healthy. They do lots of medical tests to make sure that their kittens are all in good health. Also included when it comes to health are vaccinations and deworming of the cats.

Highlander Maine Coons Details

4. Maine Villa Cattery

Maine Villa Cattery

Finishing off our list of best Maine Coon breeders in Ohio is Maine Villa Cattery, a small Maine Coon breeder in Wadsworth, Ohio. There are two things this Maine Coon cattery prides boasts. These two are hand-raising their kittens and socializing them in a family setting. Worth noting, Maine Villa Cattery is one of the very few breeders that offer value-added information such as grooming and pet care on all things Maine Coon. The information they share includes the best pet care products and best grooming practices. You can get this information on their website, and it’s completely free. Their kittens’ temperament is worth a mention, as they are perfect in every way.

Maine Villa Cattery Details

Maine Coon Breeders in Ohio

Maine Coon Breeders in Ohio

We hope this list of Maine Coon breeders in Ohio will help you find a buddy for your home. In case you’re from another area, check out our other lists of Maine Coon breeders:

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