Lovely Bunny’s Review: Adopt a Mini Celebrity! (2022)

Mini celebrity bunnies safely shipped anywhere in the United States: If you’re browsing for rabbit breeders in New Jersey and stumbled across Lovely Bunny’s Rabbitry, this review will provide you with everything you need to know. Expect an incoming wall-of-text to keep things sweet and simple – we highly recommend Lovely Bunny’s Rabbitry.

You can learn more from this review with additional information to help prepare you. We were able to reach out and connect with Matthew. You can continue reading this review. By the end of the article, you’ll find a limited-time discount bonus for your future bunny companion.

Note: Lovely Bunny’s will ship your mini celebrity future bunny companion anywhere in the United States. Please text, email, or call Matthew for additional information.

Everything About Lovely Bunny’s

Everything About Lovely Bunny's

Lovely Bunny’s Rabbitry is a breeder from Lincoln Park, New Jersey, which we highly recommend. We’ve spoken with the owner, and there are countless great things to share. Even though Lovely Bunny’s Rabbitry is located in New Jersey, you can get your future rabbit companion safely shipped anywhere in the United States.

The team behind Lovely Bunny’s Rabbitry are mostly proud members of the American Rabbit Breeders Association.

Team & Experience

Behind Lovely Bunny’s is a trusted team of rabbit experts with years of experience in care and breeding. Whether you’re indecisive about having a cat or a bunny as your household pet, the team’s expertise will undoubtedly provide you with countless reasons why you should have a bunny.

Shipping Bunnies to Your Home

We discussed this with Matthew. Whether you’re from New York to California, you can purchase a compatible bunny companion and have it safely shipped. Depending on state laws, you’ll have to discuss shipment with Matthew.

Lovely Bunny's Rabbitry Location

Lovely Bunny’s Rabbitry Details

Are You Not Prepared to Raise a Bunny?

Are You Not Prepared to Raise a Bunny (Lovely Bunny's)

Aside from the informative answers to your questions, Lovely Bunny’s Rabbitry provides care packages for you to start. According to Lovely Bunny’s Rabbitry, raising a bunny is much easier than raising a dog/cat.

Lovely Bunny’s Care Package

You can find available care packages for your future bunny companion on the website. We often feel like we’re missing something, but we’re not sure what. Lovely Bunny’s Rabbitry’s care package will save you time and trouble.

A bunny care package from Lovely Bunny’s Rabbitry comes with:

  • Cage
  • Rabbit Litter
  • 2x Rabbit Bowls (for pellets and water)
  • Rabbit Pellets
  • Alfalfa Hay
  • Timothy Hay

Lovely Bunny’s Mini Celebrities

Lovely Bunny's Mini Celebrities

You’re probably confused by the title of this section, but it’s true. Lovely Bunny’s Rabbitry not only provides bunnies like the Holland Lops for sale in New Jersey but also runs an enormous TikTok and Instagram account. Both accounts combined are equivalent to approximately 600,000 followers.

Lovely Bunny’s Rabbitry’s TikTok

Lovely Bunny's Rabbitry's TikTok

Lovely Bunny’s Rabbitry provides adorable bunnies for sale in the United States and runs a popular TikTok account. This bunny account provides endless videos of irresistible/cute bunnies and helpful informational content.

Lovely Bunny’s Rabbitry’s TikTok handle is @lopbunniesnj, with ~404,400 followers at the time of writing this review. With all of its video content combined, it has received over 8,000,000 likes from bunny lovers worldwide.

Lovely Bunny’s Rabbitry’s Instagram

Lovely Bunny's Rabbitry's Instagram

Lovely Bunny’s Rabbity isn’t just popular on TikTok, but they also run an Instagram account with nearly 200,000 followers. Lovely Bunny’s Rabbitry runs under the Instagram handle, @lopbunniesnj. You can find awesome bunny content here and satisfy your craving for watching cute/adorable bunnies. You see what we mean now: “adopt a mini-celebrity.”

Lovely Bunny’s Promo Code (Limited Time)

Lovely Bunny's Promo Code (Limited Time)

Fortunately, this will be the only place you can find this promo code. You got it here first. The promo code is a limited-time deal you can use to receive a 5% discount. If you’re contacting Lovely Bunny’s Rabbitry, be sure to mention the code:


Conclusion For “Lovely Bunny’s Review”

Conclusion For "Lovely Bunny's Review"

After several phone calls with Matthew, the owner of Lovely Bunny’s Rabbitry – we’re confident in recommending you this rabbitry. You can call, email, or text Matthew if you have any additional questions about bunnies.

Are you a first-time rabbit owner? You can learn more about raising a rabbit by watching “How to Take Care of a Rabbit” from AnimalWised down below: