What is Levi Ackerman’s Eye Color? (2022)

What is Levi Ackerman’s eye color? If you happen to watch or are a big fan of “Attack On Titans,” chances are you are well aware of how awesome Levi Ackerman is. He is one of those characters that you cannot miss.

Many people who watch “Attack On Titan” either like him, hate him, or are in the middle about him. Regardless, they all know about him. If you are among those that love Levi Ackerman, then this post is written specifically with you in mind.

Why? Well, it’s going to highlight certain features about him. Included are his eyes. In particular, it’ll answer what Levi Ackerman’s eye color is?

Levi Ackerman “The John Wick” From Attack on Titan

Levi Ackerman The John Wick From Attack on Titan

Before even delving deep into his features, including answering what is Levi Ackerman’s eye color, here is a small brief for those who, for some reason, are not familiar with him.

Levi Ackerman, also referred to as “Captain Levi,” is the leader or captain of the Specials Operations Squad. The squad is within the Survey Corps in Attack On Titan. Mentality-wise, Levi views himself as an enforcer.

He is happy to make sure he puts an end to the recurring nightmare in his neighborhood regardless of what people think of him. Personality-wise, Levi Ackerman is described or regarded as a “clean freak,” a fact attributed to his early childhood years.

He is known to wipe off his blood-smeared blades. He does this while on the battlefield. However, this doesn’t mean that he is afraid of dirt. He is known to get his hands dirty if need be.

Worth noting when talking about Levi Ackerman’s personality is his emotions, better yet, his lack of emotions. Levi Ackerman barely shows emotions.

He is also known to give cold impressions to others. He is also very blunt when speaking to other people. Some might say he is insulting, and this makes him unsettling to many people.

Levi Ackerman’s Features

Levi Ackerman’s Features

The reason why many of you clicked on this post and that is features. In particular, what is Levi Ackerman’s eye color? According to Wiki, Levi Ackerman’s eyes are supposed to be dull grey.

However, as with many other characters on “Attack On Titan,” his eyes change on many occasions. Especially so when he is hanging around Erwin, while Levi Ackerman’s eyes are grey, there are different variations.

His eyes are known to be light grey and blue-grey. The blue element about his eyes, together with the fact that animations have their eyes dulled and brightened, means that Levi Ackerman appears to have blue eyes in some scenes.

Now that we’ve established that Levi Ackerman’s eyes are gray, many of you are probably wondering, is there such thing as grey eyes? The answer to this question is yes. Gray, however, is a rare color. Individuals with gray eyes have less melanin.

Conclusion For “What is Levi Ackerman’s Eye Color”

Conclusion For What is Levi Ackerman's Eye Color

There you have it, a look into Levi Ackerman’s eyes. Fun facts about Levi Ackerman’s eyes, many people assume that he has lost his eyes. Why?

Well, an explosion from a Thunder Spear set by Zeke Yeager almost got him. Although it did not make him lose his eyes, the explosion had some impact on him, in particular on his eyes.

Because of the explosion, Levi Ackerman has several scars across his face. This includes one that’s very visible across his right eye. In addition, the Zeke Yeager explosion resulted in Levi Ackerman losing both his middle and index fingers.

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