Netflix Series: Is Squid Game Scary? (2022)

Is Squid Game scary to watch? Here’s what you need to know. With the popularity of Squid Game rising day by day, many people have lots of questions about the show.

With this in mind, we’ve opted to share with you a series of posts on all things Squid Game. We hope that through these posts, you’ll learn more about the show before actually watching it.

In this particular post, we’ll look at another question that many people are asking. What is it? Is Squid Game Scary? If you are among those with this particular question, then you are at the right place.

Squid Game is a South Korean-based TV series. It was released or made available to the public on 17th September 2021. It is a Netflix-based TV series.


What this means is that you can only watch it legally on Netflix. Squid Game joins the likes of Lupin and Money Heist as international shows that have made some noise in the United States.

Squid Game Overview

Squid Game Overview

As is the case with our previous articles on all things Squid Game, we’ll start with a brief about the show. We do this because some people who are reading this don’t know about it as much.

That said, Squid Game is a Netflix-based TV series about regular people competing in different games for money. Think of it as Hunger Games but with a non-English language, and the participants are fighting for money.

While the show is all about fun children’s games, the stakes are high for those that fail to win. Participants who take part in the games and fail to win usually end losing their lives. They lose their lives at the hands of the game masters and other contestants.

So why do the people involved accept to participate in such a high stake game? Well, they were not aware of the stakes at hand. The game masters whisked or kidnapped all the participants and took them to an unknown location where the games were.

Before the games started, participants had two options, accept to participate in the game or refuse. Participating in the game means chances are they’ll get killed, and if someone refuses to play the games, the game masters will kill them. With such options, many chose to participate.

What Genre Is Squid Game?

What Genre Is Squid Game

Genre-wise, Squid Game is classified as a drama. However, despite this classification, some Squid Game clips make you question whether it’s classified correctly. For instance, the trailer of the show. It is easy to conclude that’s it’s a horror-based TV series by simply looking at its trailer.

This is something many people have done, and as such, they’ve made people assume that Squid Game is scary. In case you are wondering, this is what we’ll be answering in the section below.

Is Squid Game Scary to Watch?

Is Squid Game Scary to Watch

The answer to this question is not as direct as some of you might want it to be. Why? Well, because what you might view as scary might not be scary to another person.

We’ve already noted that Squid Game does not have a horror TV series classification, and as such, it is not that horrific. They don’t have scenes that are horrific or scenes that’ll terrify you.

In other words, the producers of the show don’t expect viewers to be scared rather intrigued. However, it is worth noting that there are disturbing scenes, although not horrific.

This is what some find scary, especially if they picture themselves in such situations. This is why some people prefer to look at Squid Game as scary. Back to the question at hand, is Squid Game scary?

Well, yes and no. To put it best, whether or not it’s a scary TV show comes down to the person who’s watching it. It is, however, good to point out that it’s not suitable for kids. It’s rated mature content, and only people over the age of 18 years should watch it.

In case you haven’t seen the Squid Game trailer yet, here it is down below: