Netflix Series: Is Squid Game Rated R? (2022)

Is Squid Game rated R? If you love your TV, chances are you have heard about Squid Game, a South Korean TV show that sees a group of individuals struggling with debt competing in a series of different childhood games.

With so much talk around it, more and more questions are popping up, especially from parents who want to know if Squid Game is age-appropriate for their kids.

In This post, we’ll be looking at this question. It’ll also share additional details like who can watch Squid Game.

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Squid Game’s Storyline

Squid Game’s Storyline

Before answering, is Squid Game rated R? It is important that we first familiarise ourselves with Squid Game’s storyline. With that in mind, Squid Game is a South Korean TV show about a group of people competing in high stake childhood games.

Just about everyone that takes part in the games in Squid Game is in debt. That’s one of the main reasons why most of them chose to participate in the games, the allure of winning lots of money to pay off all their debt.

Or better yet, the allure of winning lots of money that’ll allow them to start afresh in life. The twist with the games in Squid Game is the fact that game losers die.

Yes, if a participant loses in any of the games in Squid Game, they lose their life. The last participant standing in the game walks away with a cool 40,000,000,000 won.

Given the nature of the show, there are lots of disturbing scenes. Furthermore, there is blood in just about every scene. Remember, a contestant has to die every time they lose.

Can a 12-Year Old Watch Squid Game?

Can a 12-Year Old Watch Squid Game

Squid Game, as already pointed out, is a TV show with disturbing scenes. In addition, it has a mature theme and content. Despite its name and the fact that contestants in the show play children’s games, there is nothing child-like about Squid Game.

In other words, a 12-year old cannot and should not watch Squid Game. All children should not be allowed to watch Squid Game. The show has mature content from start to finish.

What is Squid Game’s Rating?

What is Squid Game's Rating

Squid Game is not rated R. Therefore, younger viewers are not allowed and shouldn’t watch it even if they have an adult present with them while watching it. In terms of rating, Squid Game is rated MA for mature content. Meaning, the theme and message of the show only resonate with adults.

What Age Rating Is Squid Game on Netflix?

What Age Rating Is Squid Game on Netflix

If Squid Game is not for kids, what is the most appropriate age, or what is Squid Game’s age rating? Currently, this South Korean TV series has a rating of 18. In other words, individuals who are 18 years and older are the ones that should and can watch Squid Game.

Remember, the show is full of violent scenes and death on every episode. Not to mention, some characters in the show are willing to sacrifice the lives of other participants to win.

Squid Game is a Netflix-based show. In other words, you can only watch Squid Game on Netflix. So you’ll need a Netflix account and a subscription to watch Squid Game.

Luckily, it is easy to set up a Netflix account, and their subscriptions are not that expensive. You might receive a one-month free subscription. Simply put, you can watch Squid Game for free.

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