Netflix Series: Is Squid Game in English? (2022)

Is Squid Game in English? If you are a fan of watching mind-blowing TV shows, chances are you’ve heard about a TV series called Squid Game. If this is you and you are wondering what it is or what it’s all about and why everyone seems to be talking about it, you are in the right place.

This post highlights all there is to know about Squid Game. This includes answering questions like is Squid Game in English? Where can you be able to watch it?

Some Quick Facts About Squid Game:

With so much hype even before its release date, Squid Game joins other successful international TV series like Money Heist and Lupin that have captured the attention of Americans. It debuts on 17th September 2021 on Netflix. Since its debut, it has quickly become a fan-favorite or must-watch for many people in the U.S.

What is Squid Game?

What is Squid Game

Squid Game is a South Korean TV horror series. The show sees individuals struggling in life, struggling financially in life, competing in a children’s game.

The one that comes out on top gets to win a hefty or life-changing cash prize. The games are not that complicated. They are simple. The problem is, in the TV series, there are deadly stakes. The person who loses in the game dies.

Squid Game at a Glance

Squid Game at a Glance

Squid Game is nine-episode horror TV series where game contesters die at the hands of the game masters at first. With time, contestants start to kill one another once they realize only one person can win all the money.

The show is pretty much about Gi-hun (a character played by Lee Jung-Jae). Gi-hun is a divorced father who is not only a degenerates but is also a gambler. Like many gamblers, Gi-hun has trouble financially. As a result, he lives with his elderly mother.

If he is struggling financially, where is Gi-hun finding money to gamble? Well, from his steals. To be exact, he stole from his elderly mother.  It was during his worst day that a well-dressed man approached him with a promise of winning lots of money if victorious.

Given his situation and him being the gambler that he is, Gi-hun couldn’t resist the opportunity. After accepting to participate in the competition or game, Gi-hun was kidnapped and taken to an unknown island.

It was there that he met other 455 players looking to also enrich themselves by winning the competition. Like Gi-hun, the other players have financial challenges. There are lots of twists and turns that make it a very intriguing show altogether.

For starters, while at the island, Gi-hun ends up meeting one of his childhood friends Sang-Woo. Sang-Woo, like Gi-hun, is also in debt. With him, however, he got into trouble for stealing and embezzling funds.

Before participating in the game, the participants receive a contract to sign, which is pretty vague and pointless because they either accept to participate or die. The overall winner of the game stands to win 45.6 billion (not in dollars).

Where Can I Watch Squid Game?

Where Can I Watch Squid Game

Now that we know all about Squid Game, we can turn our attention to where to watch it. In other words, where can I watch Squid Game? The answer is pretty simple on Netflix.

You’ll need to sign up for a Netflix account if you don’t have an account and want to watch it. The process is pretty simple, and they have a variety of packages. There is one that you’ll like.


Is Squid Game in English?

Is Squid Game in English

Squid Game is a South Korean show, so the language will be in Korean. There is, however, an option to have subtitles in English. Netflix has dubbed versions of Squid Game, which you can watch in:

  • German
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French

To watch Squid Game on Netflix, click the link below (must be a registered member to watch):

If you haven’t seen the Squid Game trailer yet, check it out: