Netflix Series: Is Squid Game For Kids? (2022)

Is Squid Game for kids? With Squid Game gaining popularity daily, more and more people want to watch it. Among this group of people are kids. Yes, kids are increasingly looking at watching Squid Game. Simply put, your kid is (are) likely to ask you whether or not they can watch Squid Game.

What this question has done is prompt parents to ask one question, is Squid Game for kids? If you are among the parents asking this question, you’ll find this post very helpful as it answers this crucial question.

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What Is Squid Game’s Message to Viewers?

What Is Squid Game’s Message to Viewers

To better answer, the question is Squid Game for kids? Therefore, it is crucial that we first familiarise ourselves with Squid Game. In particular, what is Squid Game’s message? That said, Squid Game has a simple message, debt and capitalism can lead to severe problems.

Just about all characters in the show or all the participants of the games are buried in debt. Those who are not in debt are in dire need of money. Although the show is not American, it does resonate with Americans, given how debt is a big problem today.

Statistics-wise, all Americans combined have more than $1 trillion in credit card debt and $2.8 trillion in nonrevolving debt this is as per 2018 data released by the Federal Reserve.

In addition to highlighting the issue that is debt, Squid Game also highlights what, in some instances, makes people get into debt. In other words, problems that make many people be in debt.

They include gambling, stealing, murder as well as betting. In general, Squid Game showcases what people will do to survive or what they’ll do to get out of debt.

There are lots of bloody scenes in Squid Game. In general, it is way too dark because there are characters that would rather see someone die for them to succeed, win, or move forward in life.

Is Squid Game Suitable For 12-Year-Olds?

Is Squid Game Suitable For 12-Year-Olds

Squid Game is not suitable for 12-year-olds. Squid Game is not good for kids in general, full stop. One of the reasons why some parents assume that it’s for kids is the name of the show itself, Squid Game.

There is nothing kid-friendly about it. Squid Game features intense drama scenes that are not only disturbing but also very bloody and are ultra-violent.

Furthermore, it has mature themes, greed, gambling addiction, and complex family dynamics. Rating-wise, Squid Game is rated TV-MA, meaning it is suitable for a mature audience only.

What Age is Squid Game Appropriate For?

What Age is Squid Game Appropriate For

If Squid Game is not suitable for kids or 12-year-olds, what is an appropriate to watch Squid Game? Going by the ratings, Squid Game is suited for individuals who are 18 years old or older.

While this is the recommended age, some argue anyone aged 16 and 17 can also watch it. At this point, the appropriate age for people to watch Squid Game is 16 years and older.

Where Can You Watch Squid Game?

Where Can You Watch Squid Game

This section assumes that you are older than 16 years old. In other words, you are appropriate to watch Squid Game. Currently, you can only (legally) watch Squid Game on Netflix. Squid Game is a Netflix-based show for Netflix subscribers or viewers to enjoy.

So don’t expect to see it on other streaming platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Apple TV. However, as with other popular TV shows, you can watch Netflix’s Squid Game on other platforms.

If you do this, however, you’ll not be watching it legally. In addition, you’ll be exposing yourself and your device to unseen harm. Be smart, get a Netflix account (it’s cheap), and get to watch Squid Game.

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