Is Attack on Titan Anime Over? (2022)

Is Attack on Titan anime over? Here’s what you need to know. Attack on Titan is one of the best anime series released over the last decade. The directors of Attack on Titan have kept fans of the show engaged throughout the seasons. They’ve done this using different twists and plots.

With so many loyal fans, many questions have popped up about the show. One such question is, when is Attack On Titan ending? This article seeks to answer this question. So without any further ado, let’s get straight to it.

What is Attack On Titan?

What is Attack On Titan Anime

Before answering if Attack on Titan is coming to an end, let’s first shed some light on the show. For those who’ve not heard about this anime TV series, this section is helpful. So what is Attack On Titan? Well, it is anime series that’s adapted Japanese Manga. The first episode of Attack On Titan was available way back in 2013.

Currently, this anime series is in its fourth and final season. Therefore, it is equally important to point out key characters when talking about Attack On Titan. That said, the main characters are Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackerman. They both have families devoured as Titans.

Is Attack On Titan Anime Over?

Is Attack On Titan Anime Over

With some knowledge about this anime show, our attention can shift to why many of you are here, and that is, is Attack On Titan coming to an end? Well, yes. Attack On Titan is coming to an end.

However, it is not ending tomorrow or even next month. Instead, it will come to an end in the middle of 2022 after they’ve made available the last part of the series final season.

What Attack On Titan Episodes Are Available Now?

What Attack On Titan Episodes Are Available Now

Assuming you are an avid fan of this anime show, chances are you have seen pretty much all the episodes of the show. The only season that you might not be all caught up with is season 4, part one. Why?

Well, it was made available to the public mid this year by the producers of the show. So, if you have watched all the episodes of Attack On Titan, season 4 part one, you are all caught up. The only thing you can do now is waiting for the second and final part of the series to be released.

If you are new to Attack On Titans or want to relive a few scenes from previous episodes, you can watch seasons 1, 2, and 3 of Attack On Titan. All these seasons are available for purchase on various platforms.

When is Season 4, Part Two of Attack on Titan Coming Out?

When is Season 4 Part Two of Attack on Titan Coming Out

If you’ve watched all the Attack On Titan seasons or episodes, chances are you are looking forward to the final part. But, most importantly, you want to know when it’ll be available.

That said, there is no specific date as to when Attack On Titan season 4 part two will be released. However, we do know from the producers that Attack On Titan season 4 part two is set to be released mid-next year. It will pick up from the last episode of Attack On Titan, Season 4, part one.

Is There a Possibility That Attack on Titan Won’t End Next Year?

Is There a Possibility That Attack on Titan Won’t End Next Year

There are several reasons why Attack On Titan fans ask this question. For starters, it’s just too good for the producers to do season 4 only. They can easily create new plots, twists, and even characters to give fans a fifth season.

If this is the case, the producers are yet to make it public and probably won’t until 2022. This means that fans will have to wait. Until then, fans can watch and re-watch all Attack On Titans shows.

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