Holland Lop Bunnies For Sale in New Jersey: Top 5 Breeders! (2022)

If you’re searching for breeders with Holland Lop bunnies for sale in New Jersey, you’ve come to the right place. This guide created by our team at ILY Best will provide you with everything you need to know.

1. Lovely Bunny’s Rabbitry

Lovely Bunny's Rabbitry NJ

” Lovely Bunny’s Rabbitry ” is first on the list of breeders with Holland Lop bunnies for sale in New Jersey is “Lovely Bunny’s Rabbitry.” Lovely Bunny’s Rabbitry prides itself in having a team of experts who have lots of experience in breeding Holland Lop bunnies and caring for them. Other than breeding, Lovely Bunny’s Rabbitry seeks to educate individuals about Holland Lop bunnies.

Equally important to point out is that Lovely Bunny’s Rabbitry delivers bunnies anywhere in the tri-state area. For this, they do charge a small fee. Furthermore, they ship via airlines anywhere in the United States. Lovely Bunny’s Rabbitry has a TikTok account with approximately 400,000 followers.

You could be bringing home a Holland Lop companion that is a mini-celebrity today. After a brief discussion with Matthew from Lovely Bunny’s Rabbitry, we were allowed to share with you a promo code. For a limited time, you can use the promo code BUNNIES4LIFE for a 5% discount.

2. The Hop Along Farmette

The Hop Along Farmette NJ

If experience is what you are after with your breeder, The Hop Along Farmette is perfect for you. The Hop Along Farmette has more than 30 years of experience in breeding Holland Lops. With this experience, they produce quality Holland Lops with sweet personalities.

They are a well-known hobby farmette in Morristown, New Jersey. The Hop Along Farmette prides itself in having a variety of Holland Lops. They have incredibly colored buns that range from Blue Creams, Lilac, Creams, Blue Creams, and Chinchilla.

In addition to rabbits, The Hop Along Farmette occasionally raises Nigerian Dwarf goats and Black Copper Marans chickens. The Hop Along Farmette’s main priority I health. Regular vet visits are a thing, and the rabbits have a quality diet.

The Hop Along Farmette Details

3. Sugar Hunny Bunny Rabbitry

Sugar Hunny Bunny Rabbitry NJ

Sugar Hunny Bunny Rabbitry is a must feature in any Holland Lop bunnies breeders list in New Jersey. They boast breeding the most adorable purebred Holland Lops in New Jersey. At Sugar Hunny Bunny Rabbitry, Holland Lop bunnies are raised personally by the owner inside the house.

Sugar Hunny Bunny Rabbitry showers their Holland Lop bunnies with lots of love and affection. Health-wise, the Holland Lop bunnies at Sugar Hunny Bunny Rabbitry receive plenty of exercise, fresh food, and clean water daily. Not to mention, their pens are cozy and clean.

Sugar Hunny Bunny Rabbitry Details

4. Ruth’s Royal Rabbits

Ruth's Royal Rabbits NJ

Ruth’s Royal Rabbits is a small Holland Lop bunny breeder in New Jersey registered with the ARBA. One of the many positives of dealing with Ruth’s Royal Rabbits is variety.

This Holland lop bunnies breeder in New Jersey breeds a variety of Holland Lop bunnies. Ruth’s Royal Rabbits currently produces Opal, Solids, Black, Chestnut Agouti, and Vienna marked Holland Lop bunnies.

Ruth’s Royal Rabbits boasts adorable bunnies that have sweet personalities. The Holland Lop bunnies at Ruth’s Royal Rabbits are handled daily and shown lots of love at a young age. By doing so, they can breed Holland Lop bunnies that are perfect pets.

Ruth’s Royal Rabbits Details

5. Belle’s Bunny Boutique

Belle's Bunny Boutique NJ

Last on the list of the best breeders with Holland Lop bunnies for sale in New Jersey is “Belle’s Bunny Boutique.” Belle’s Bunny Boutique is one of the few Holland Lop rabbit breeders in New Jersey registered with two breeding associations.

They are registered with the New Jersey Breeders Association and American Rabbit Breeders Association. As a breeder, Belle’s Bunny Boutique breeds three things, health, personality, and type.

Notably, the breeding stock at Belle’s Bunny Boutique has been selected from top breeders worldwide. In addition, this rabbitry is indoors. In other words, the Holland Lop bunnies at Belle’s Bunny Boutique live inside the house with the family.

Belle’s Bunny Boutique Details

Conclusion For “Holland Lop Bunnies in New Jersey”

Conclusion For Holland Lop Bunnies in New Jersey

We hope that this guide will help you on your journey for a breeder with Holland Lop bunnies in New Jersey for sale. Remember always to do additional research so that you’re prepared in advance to meet with a Holland Lop breeder in New Jersey.

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