5 Best Holland Lop Breeders in Texas! (2022)

If you’re searching for the best Holland Lop breeders in Texas, you’ve come to the right place. Our team at ILY Best compiled this list of Holland Lop Texas breeders to make your journey easier.

1. Envy Rabbitry

Envy Rabbitry Texas

Envy Rabbitry is home to some of Texas’s best show-quality Holland Lops bunnies. They boast breed standard Holland Lops. In other words, their Holland Lops has a perfect temperament, size, and correct structure.

Even better, their Holland Lops come in various colors, some of them rare colors. Envy Rabbitry breeds for structure, temperament, and size. In general, you are guaranteed quality with Holland Lops at Envy Rabbitry.

Envy Rabbitry Details

2. Holland Lop Hideaway

Holland Lop Hideaway Texas

Holland Lop Hideaway is another family-run rabbitry to feature in this post about Holland Lop breeders in Texas. Like the other family-run rabbitry listed in this post, Holland Lop Hideaway does not spare anything when it comes to breeding Holland Lop bunnies.

Holland Lop Hideaway is in North DFW and specializes in producing show and pet quality Holland Lop rabbits. Holland Lop Hideaway breeds for two things: breed for breed conformation and temperament.

The Holland Lop bunnies at Holland Lop Hideaway are all even-tempered and well-socialized. To contact Holland Lop Hideaway, you’ll have to send them a message on their official Facebook page.

Holland Lop Hideaway Details

  • Name: Holland Lop Hideaway
  • Location: McKinney, TX 75069
  • Facebook: Holland Lop Hideaway
  • Breed: Holland Lops

3. Bailey Bunnies Rabbitry

Bailey Bunnies Rabbitry is another must feature in any list mentioning Holland Lop breeders in Texas. Bailey Bunnies Rabbitry prides itself in raising pedigreed, high-quality Holland Lop bunnies. The Holland Lop bunnies at Bailey Bunnies Rabbitry are first and foremost family pets.

They care for them like their children. They socialize their bunnies from a young age giving them lots of love and hands-on care. In addition, they get to live in the house with the family.

Bailey Bunnies Rabbitry prioritizes quality over quantity. As such, they tend to have few Holland Lop bunnies available. If you are keen on getting a Holland Lop bunny from Bailey Bunnies Rabbitry, you should join their waiting list.

Bailey Bunnies Rabbitry Details

4. Texas Holland Lops

Texas Holland Lops

Texas Holland Lops is a small family-run rabbitry in Waco, Texas. This doesn’t mean they don’t put everything on the table to raise quality Holand Lops. They’ve been among the best Holland Lop breeders in Texas over the years because of the quality of Holland Lop bunnies they produce.

The Holland Lop bunnies at Texas Holland Lops are high-quality bunnies. In addition, they all have sweet personalities. They socialize them with other rabbits and humans to help build their temperament. They do this to ensure their rabbits make wonderful and sweet companions. Texas Holland Lops also produces show-quality Holland Lop bunnies.

Texas Holland Lops Details

5. Prairie Wind Farm

Prairie Wind Farm Texas

Last on the list of the best Holland Lop breeders in Texas is Prairie Wind Farm. Prairie Wind Farm has lots of experience in producing quality Holland Lop bunnies. Prairie Wind Farm is a member of two rabbit organizations, TRBA and ARBA.

Prairie Wind Farm adheres strictly to breeding standards by both these two bodies. By doing so, they produce quality Holland Lops with sweet personalities. Prairie Wind Farm has show-quality Holland Lops and Holland Lops for pets.

Prairie Wind Farm Details

Conclusion For The “Best Holland Lop Breeders in Texas”

Conclusion For The Best Holland Lop Breeders in Texas

Our team at ILY Best hopes that you find a companion from this list of Holland Lop breeders in Texas. Whether you plan to purchase your Holland Lop from our list of Texas breeders or another source, remember to do additional research.

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