3 Best Ferret Breeders in California! (2023)

It is important to carefully research and consider all aspects of ferret ownership before bringing it into your home. Ferrets require significant care and attention, and they have specific housing, dietary, and medical needs.

In California, it is illegal to breed, sell, or import ferrets as pets, with some limited exceptions for qualified research institutions.

1. South Shore Ferret Care Rescue & Hospice, Inc.

South Shore Ferret Care Rescue & Hospice, Inc. California

South Shore Ferret Care Rescue & Hospice, Inc. is a rescue center. Their mission is to provide happy homes for homeless ferrets that have been abandoned or abused. They also take in elderly ferrets with the same goal.

Other than rescuing ferrets and providing adoptive services, South Shore Ferret Care Rescue & Hospice, Inc. seeks to inform the masses. South Shore Ferret Care Rescue & Hospice, Inc. regularly provides ferret education and outreach. South Shore Ferret Care Rescue & Hospice, Inc. also offers ferret sitting services.

South Shore Ferret Care Rescue & Hospice, Inc. Details

2. Furball Critters

Furball Critters California

Furball Critters is dedicated to bringing joy to homes in California through their pets. Note, Furball Critters doesn’t just raise ferrets. Furball Critters breeds dwarf hamsters as well.

They pride themselves on the quality of their Ferrets. With Furball Critters, you get healthy pets (ferrets and dwarf hamsters) with good temperaments. Furball Critters offers a non-biting guarantee with all the sales they make.

Furball Critters Details

3. West Coast Ferrets

West Coast Ferrets California

Last on the list of ferret breeders in California isn’t necessarily a breeder but a rescue. West Coast Ferrets is another rescue center to feature in this post about ferret breeders in California.

West Coast Ferrets prides itself in being among the few non-profit ferret rescue centers permitted to operate in California. West Coast Ferrets offers adoptive services to place all rescued ferrets in happy forever homes.

West Coast Ferrets Details

Conclusion For The “Best Ferret Breeders in California”

Conclusion For The Best Ferret Breeders in California

If you are interested in obtaining a ferret as a pet in California, you may be able to find a ferret rescue or adoption organization that can help you find a ferret in need of a home.

Before considering a ferret as a pet, it is important to thoroughly research the responsibilities of ferret ownership and ensure you are prepared to provide for the needs of a ferret.

This includes providing suitable habitats, proper nutrition, regular veterinary care, and daily attention and interaction. It is also important to be aware of and follow any local laws or regulations related to ferret ownership.

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