4 Best Driving Schools in Long Beach, CA! (2022)

If you are thinking of learning how to drive, you must settle with a driving school that piques your language or, better yet, understands your learning. With so many driving schools to choose from, pointing out an ideal driving can prove challenging. With this in mind, we’ve shared with you details on the best driving school. In particular, the best driving school in Long Beach. If you are living in or are near Long Beach and want to learn how to drive, these are the schools that you should focus on.

1. Sensus Driving School

Sensus Driving School

First on the list of the best driving schools in Long Beach, CA, is “Sensus Driving School.” Sensus Driving School is a California-based driving school that’s in Seal Beach. Their primary goal is to make sure that all their students learn the correct driving skills. They do this through a variety of courses that they offer would-be drivers. One such course is the Learner’s Permit Prep Course and Driving Skills Set Course. Even better, they see that their students fully understand Traffic Law & Substance Abuse. They do this through various courses on the said subject that they offer.

Worth pointing out with Sensus Driving School are their instructors. Not only are they certified, but they are also well qualified and boast over 30 years of experience in teaching how to drive. Students can also learn how to operate in the comfort of their home by taking up Sensus Driving School’s online courses. A plus with their online courses is that they are mobile-friendly. Get to learn more about Sensus Driving School by dialing the contact number shared below. One of their representatives will take you through their services, courses, and most importantly, what to expect.

Sensus Driving School Business Details

  • Name: Sensus Driving School
  • Location: Bay City Center
  • Address: 550 CA-1 #211, Seal Beach, CA 90740, United States
  • Website: Sensus Driving School
  • Phone Number: (562) 434-4500
  • Email Address: N/A
  • Operating Hours: Monday To Sunday 9:00 am-7:00 pm

2. Kay-1 Driving School

Kay 1 Driving School

Kay-1 Driving School is one of the oldest driving schools in Long Beach. It first opened its doors to the public back in 1988. Since then, they have assisted many would-be drivers in Long Beach to learn how to drive and get their DMV driver’s license. They’ve done this through several courses or programs mainly meant for improving driving skills and preparing drivers for their DMV’s driving examination. Worth pointing out with Kay-1 Driving School is that the cars they use to train or teach students how to drive come with dual control pedals.

In addition, Kay-1 Driving School is insured. Equally essential to point out is their comprehensive program or courses on all there is to know about driving. These courses are usually under the watchful eyes of a team of certified instructors. These instructors are well-experienced in teaching or training how to drive. Even better, they are very patient with their students, thus creating a peaceful environment for students to learn. They make sure that a student thoroughly understands what they are teaching every step or course they cover. The driving courses Kay-1 Driving School offers come with service free pickups and drop-offs with every lesson.

Kay-1 Driving School Business Details

  • Name: Kay-1 Driving School
  • Location: Capri Square II
  • Address: 2015 Palo Verde Ave, Long Beach, CA 90815, United States
  • Website: Kay-1 Driving School
  • Phone Number: (562) 596-3989
  • Email Address: N/A
  • Operating Hours: Weekdays: 8:30 am–5:00 pm, Saturday: 9:00 am–3:00 pm, Sunday Closed.
  • Register Register Kay-1 Driving School

3. EZ Street Driving School

EZ Street Driving School

If you are in Long Beach and are looking for a driving school that offers one-on-one classes, then look no further than EZ Street Driving School. This state-licensed driving school caters to would-be drivers of all ages. They have mechanisms in place that allow them to teach would-be drivers with unique abilities. Simply put, EZ Street Driving School provides would-be drivers with an easy, fast and reliable way of learning how to dry drive. The services EZ Street Driving School offers cover behind the wheel driving lessons, driver education for both adults and teens, and how to better prepare for a DMV’s driver’s test.

If you are not in a position to attend a driving school at their premises, EZ Street Driving School offers the ability to learn from the comfort of your home at your own time. They do this through their comprehensive online driving courses. Regardless of how you choose to learn how to drive with this Long Beach driving school, expect to not only master the art of driving but also be able to pass your DMV’s driving license test. Their education course also puts would-be drivers in a better position for fulfilling your mandatory California DMV driver’s education requirements.

EZ Street Driving School Business Details

  • Name: EZ Street Driving School
  • Location: Park Tower Executive
  • Address: 5150 E Pacific Coast Hwy Suite 200-#675, Long Beach, CA 90804, United States
  • Website: EZ Street Driving School
  • Phone Number: (310) 534-8959
  • Email Address: ezjohniii@hotmail.com
  • Operating Hours: Weekdays: 7:00 am to 7:30 pm, Weekends: 9:00 am–5:00 pm

4. Gonzalez Driving School

Gonzalez Driving School

Last on the list of the best driving schools in Long Beach, CA, is “Gonzalez Driving School.” Gonzalez Driving School focuses on providing drivers with four critical things: ability, confidence, experience, and knowledge needed to be an excellent driver. For this, they give extra attention to both driving theory and practical lessons. They make sure that the instructors they take up to their driving school are reliable, friendly, and know what they are doing with teaching or training students to drive.

Speaking of instructors at Gonzalez Driving School, they are patient with every student that walks into Gonzalez Driving School to learn how to drive. They work to make sure that they tailor lessons that suit individual students. This way, they put would-be drivers in an ideal position for learning how to drive and taking DMV tests. Still, on their instructors, they are friendly and approachable, and this ultimately makes learning how to drive from them a breeze and fun, especially so if a student is new and nervous.

Worth a mention other than the instructors at Gonzalez Driving School are the cars they use when teaching or training how to drive. They all have dual brake systems or dual control pedals. They offer free pickups and drop-offs from work, school, or even home with every practical lesson. If you cannot attend physical classes at Gonzalez Driving School, they have an online class option. These classes are as comprehensive as their classes at their facility.

Gonzalez Driving School Business Details

Driving Schools in Long Beach, CA

Driving Schools in Long Beach, CA

Finding the best driving schools in Long Beach, CA, can be challenging when there are numerous places. However, our team compiled a list of the best driving schools for you to save you time and trouble. If you have any questions about these driving schools in Long Beach, please message the locations or contact our team at ILY Best.

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