6 Best Dog Breeders in Kenya! (2022)

If you’re trying to find reputable dog breeders in Kenya, then this list of kennels will help you. There isn’t denying the fact that dogs are amazing household pets. Not only are dogs adorable and cute as companions, but the amount of unconditional love you receive is priceless. Your dog companion is your guardian and will protect you in many cases. It also depends on the type of dog and temperaments they have. Many people in Kenya are in search of a puppy companion for numerous reasons.

This demand for raising dogs as pets resulted in many irresponsible dog breeders appearing, making finding a reputable dog breeder more difficult. Finding a trustworthy and reputable breeder can sometimes be stressful as well. If you’re in Kenya and you’re among the group of people in search of reputable dog breeders, then you’ve come to the right place. Our team at ILY Best created this list of dog breeders in Kenya to help you find what you’re looking for.

  • Kiunadogs
  • Acacia Pedigree Kennels
  • Njogit Breeders
  • Mirema Dog Man
  • Milele Kennels
  • Hodari Kennels

1. Kiunadogs


First on the list of dog breeders in Kenya is “Kiunadogs.” Specializing in only solid black and dark sable German shepherd dogs for over 30 years, Kiunadogs takes two things very seriously: ethics and responsibility. These breeders focus on producing solid black and dark sable German Shepherd Dogs. In addition, they teach their dogs’ socialization skills and screen these dogs from time to time.

By screening these dogs, new owners will learn if they’re free from any health complications. With that aside, Kiunadogs also offer valuable services that could help potential new dog owners. These training services include obedience training and training to protect. For instance, basic obedience includes commands like sit, come, or stay. If you’re planning to bring home a companion from Kiunadogs, expect quality and know that the breeder cares.

Kiunadogs Business Details

2. Acacia Pedigree Kennels

Acacia Pedigree Kennels

Acacia Pedigree Kennels is a Nairobi-based dog breeder that’s home to numerous types of European dogs. At Acacia Pedigree Kennels, you’ll find a wide range of giant European dogs carefully selected from the finest bloodlines. One of the reasons you’ll find many giant dog breeds from here is how they breed their dogs. Puppies and dogs at Acacia Pedigree Kennels are bred for potential owners with interests in size. They also pay close attention to these dogs’ temperaments while making sure they are taught socialization skills when they’re still puppies. If it’s your first time hearing about Acacia Pedigree Kennels, keep in mind that they conduct superior health testing on their dogs.

Acacia Pedigree Kennels Business Details

3. Njogit Breeders

Njogit Breeders

Easy-going, well-bred, and sweet puppies are what you’ll receive from Njogit Breeders. They’re known for breeding puppies that are meant or are ideal for families. For instance, think of the Japanese Spitz or Maltese. There are many similar ones, and that’s what you’ll get with Njogit Breeders. Not only are their dogs are ideal for families, but they’ll also come home with an astonishing temperament. The breeders here show their puppies love from the very beginning of age until an owner brings it home.

If you’re struggling to choose the right companion, Njogit Breeders will help you with your selection process to help you make an easier decision. Reputable breeders care about their dogs’ health, and that’s exactly what Njogit Breeders do. They care deeply about the dogs they raise. All the dogs in their care are vaccinated and screened for any potential health conditions that could be an issue soon. If you’re uncertain, feel free to ask the breeders here for an updated veterinarian document when you’re adopting a puppy from them.   

Njogit Breeders Business Details

4. Mirema Dog Man

Mirema Dog Man

Raised by the family of this kennel to bring home to your family, Mirema Dog Man is distinctively different. This particular Kenyan dog breeder boasts a wide range of idea family puppies. The puppies here have spot-thick coats and are considered hairier than most. If you’re planning to adopt a companion, then you should prepare yourself for the amount of shedding to come. With this in mind, all of their puppies look amazing with their adorable eyes.

The puppies from Mirema Dog Man are all vaccinated and tested to ensure that you’ll go home with a healthy companion. The breeder here is unique because they do things differently. If you’re interested in a companion, you might have to do an interview over the phone or meet in person. You can learn more about the dog breeds Mirema Dog Man offers by getting in touch with them using the phone number shared below.

Mirema Dog Man Business Details

  • Name: Mirema Dog Man
  • Location: Nairobi
  • Phone Number: (0732) 579-133
  • Hours: Monday to Saturday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm & Sunday Closed

5. Milele Kennels

Milele Kennels

Milele Kennel is another quality dog breeder in Kenya. This particular breeder prides itself in training and sourcing purebred dogs that can be used as home pets or guard dogs. Pet dogs you’ll get from Milele Kennels are loyal, playful, and very outgoing, making them ideal companions, especially if you have a family. This can be attributed to how they are bred. From the moment they are little ones, the team at Milele shows them love and care. Furthermore, they socialize with them daily, thus helping build their amazing temperament as they grow older.  

A plus with Milele Kennels is that they have staff members who are highly knowledgeable on dog breeding, grooming, and feeding. In addition, they do offer a vast amount of valuable information that new dog owners can make use of. This includes information on how to train your puppy or dog once you take it to your home, how to source and how to care for it properly.   

Milele Kennels Business Details

6. Hodari Kennels

Hodari Kennels

Last on the list of dog breeders in Kenya is “Hodari Kennels.” Hodari Kennels is another one of those Kenyan dog breeders who specialize in breeding dogs or puppies ideal for families. From their business page, you’ll get to see just how adorable their puppies are. From Maltese, Japanese Spitz to a Golden Retriever, you name it, and you’re sure to find it at Hodari Kennels. 

To make sure that their cute adorable puppies have a good temperament, they do have daily fun times with them, with Sunday being a sociable day where they interact with even more dog lovers. If you would like to view the puppies they have, you’ll need to make an appointment. You can do this by dialing the contact numbers shared below. Worth noting about Hodari Kennels; all their puppies are guaranteed for two years against genetic abnormalities.  

Hodari Kennels Business Details

Dog Breeders in Kenya

Dog Breeders in Kenya

Finding the best dog breeders in Kenya can be challenging. We hope this guide created by our team at ILY Best will help you to the fullest extent. If you’re planning to purchase from an unknown dog breeder in Kenya, we highly recommend you doing your due diligence before making any buying decisions. There are numerous puppy mills out there, and our goal is to make sure we avoid that.

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