4 Best Dog Breeders in Canada! (2022)

Welcome to ILY Best. Our team did our research to compile this list of dog breeders in Canada to help you search. Feel free to reach out to any breeders from Canada with the following details we provided below.

1. Narnia Kennels

Narnia Kennels Canada

Located just 20 minutes south of Highway 401 in South-Western Ontario, Narnia Kennels promises German shepherd dog lovers German shepherd puppies that conform to breed standards.

Narnia Kennels breeds working German shepherds that boast stable temperaments and sound bodies. The German shepherds bred by Narnia Kennels are imported from European bloodlines.

Notably, Narnia Kennels offers a guarantee on all the puppies and adults in their care. In addition, the dogs at Narnia Kennels all have their hips x-rayed and elbows checked before being bred.

Narnia Kennels Details

2. A & R Country Kennel

A & R Country Kennel Canada

If you are thinking or planning to get a Poodle, then A & R Country Kennel is perfect. A & R Country Kennel specializes in Poodle crosses. Simply put, you’ll find the likes of Maltipoo, Cockapoo, Labradoodle, and Goldendoodle, to mention a few.

A & R Country Kennel is a registered and reputable dog breeder. They adhere strictly to the breeding habits of Poodle crosses. By doing so, A & R Country Kennel can raise poodle crosses with adorable features and loving temperaments.

Notably, the Poodle crosses offered by A & R Country Kennel are all very intelligent and social. These two feature makes it easy to train them.

A & R Country Kennel Details

3. Paradise Kennel

Paradise Kennel Canada

Paradise Kennel is more than just your regular dog breeder. Suppose you wonder why Paradise Kennel will be with you well beyond the day you pick up your puppy. Experience is something Paradise Kennel prides itself in. they have been breeding dogs for over 25 years.

Their experience has allowed them to raise healthy, quality puppies with good temperaments. Notably, the puppies at Paradise Kennel are in an enriched environment, making them ready for their new homes.

Paradise Kennel Details

4. Perfect Puppies

Perfect Puppies Canada

Perfect Puppies is among the few certified Poodle mix/cross breeders in Canada. Poodle lovers can expect quality Poodle crosses that make a great addition to any home with Perfect Puppies.

Perfect Puppies has a careful breeding program that helps them raise Poodle mix puppies that are healthy and strong. Their meticulous care, training, and attention help their Poodle mix develop loving, gentle personalities.

Perfect Puppies Details

  • Name: Perfect Puppies
  • Location: McArthurs Mills, Canada
  • Address: EAST, 35345 Hwy 28, McArthurs Mills, ON K0L 2M0, Canada
  • Website: Perfect Puppies
  • Facebook: N/A
  • Breed: Shih-Poo & Cockapoo
  • Phone Number: N/A (Use Their Contact Page Form)
  • Email: N/A

5. Lakewood Ranch Doodles

Lakewood Ranch Doodles Canada

Last on the list of the best dog breeders in Canada is “Lakewood Ranch Doodles.” Lakewood Ranch Doodles is a licensed breeder. Lakewood Ranch Doodles is a government inspected facility.

They strictly adhere to the Canadian Kennel operation code of practice. The puppies from Lakewood Ranch Doodles have a socialized personality, first vaccine shots, a two-year congenital genetic health guarantee, and are dewormed.

Lakewood Ranch Doodles Details

Conclusion For The “Best Dog Breeders in Canada”

Conclusion For The "Best Dog Breeders in Canada"

We hope that this list of dog breeders in Canada will help you on your journey to introducing your companion to your home in Canada. Whether you plan to purchase a dog from a breeder in Canada on our list or through another source, remember to do additional research to prepare in advance.

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