4 Best Dog Breeders in Belgium! (2022)

You’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for the best dog breeders in Belgium. Our team at ILY Best compiled this list of the best dog breeders in Belgium to help you search for a companion.

1. Woefkesranch

Woefkesranch (Dog Breeder Belgium)

Woefkesranch is a family-owned dog breeder in Putte, Belgium. They have one goal: to place their adorable puppies in homes of owners who share their passion for dogs. Woefkesranch specializes in the following dog breed, Belgian puppies.

The puppies at Woefkesranch are vaccinated two times and dewormed before being placed in their forever homes. Age-wise, puppies leave Woefkesranch for 8 weeks with a Belgian/European passport.

Woefkesranch Details

2. Golden Retrievers van ‘t Engels Veld

Golden Retrievers van 't Engels Veld (Dog Breeder Belgium)

Golden Retrievers van ‘t Engels Veld is a dog breeder in Belgium specializing in raising adorable Golden Retrievers. David and Kathleen operate it. These two are a vet and nurse team.

Combine this with their passion for all things dogs, and you have a breeder that offers their utmost attention to their dogs. Their puppies are healthy, well socialized, and have sweet temperaments. Notably, Golden Retrievers van ‘t Engels Veld is recognized by Koninklijke Maatschappij Sint-Hubertus.

Golden Retrievers van ‘t Engels Veld Details

3. Felicanis

Felicanis (Dog Breeder Belgium)

Felicanis is a dog breeder in Belgium that boasts some of the most beautiful and healthiest dogs and puppies. They specialize in raising healthy Rashondon with sweet personalities. The puppies at Rashondon get plenty of leeways and receive weekly check-ups from the vet.

They are all vaccinated, microchipped, and dewormed several times. Equally important is that they allow their puppies to grow socially by introducing them to other animals and interactions with the kids. Notably, Rashondon complies with Belgium and European legislation on animal welfare.

Felicanis Details

4. Paalse Dreamdogs

Paalse Dreamdogs (Dog Breeder Belgium)

Paalse Dreamdogs is a certified and qualified dog breeder in Beringen, Belgium that prides itself in breeding quality English Bulldogs, Pugs, and Boston Terriers. This breeder understands the importance of having healthy puppies and dogs.

When healthy, dogs and puppies are fun and happy to be around. With this in mind, Paalse Dreamdogs has a healthy diet for their dogs. In addition, they have scheduled regular vet visits to ensure that everything is okay with their pup at all times.

Paalse Dreamdogs Details

Conclusion For The “Best Dog Breeders in Belgium”

Conclusion For The Best Dog Breeders in Belgium

Whether you plan to purchase a puppy companion from a breeder in Belgium using our list or through another source, remember always to do additional research. Our team at ILY Best hopes that this list of dog breeders in Belgium will help you on your journey to finding a companion.

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