Do Cats Eat Hedgehogs? (2022)

Do cats eat hedgehogs? If you happen to have a cat and a garden in your home, chances are – you’re probably surrounded by wild hedgehogs, or you raise one. If this is the case, you are probably wondering whether or not these two can get along.

Better yet, you are probably wondering whether or not cats eat hedgehogs. This post highlights all there is to know about the relationship between these two animals to answer this question. 

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Cats & Hedgehogs Characteristics

Cats & Hedgehogs Characteristics 

Before even delving deep into this question, it is essential to understand pets or animals better. That said, these two animals almost have similar temperaments or characteristics.

They are both very small (some will compact), have a calm nature, are docile, love food, don’t mind a small playtime once in a while, and most importantly, are easy-going.

Do Cats Eat Hedgehogs?

Do Cats Eat Hedgehogs

With some slight knowledge of these two’s features, we can shift our attention to the main reason you clicked on this post, and that is, do cats eat hedgehogs?

The answer to this question is no. In other words, cats do not eat hedgehogs. Even in the wild, cats still don’t hunt or eat hedgehogs. Some argue that the hedgehog’s body, which has many defensive quills, is why cats necessarily ignore them.

Do Cats Get Along With Hedgehogs?

Do Cats Get Along With Hedgehogs

Another question many pet owners with this topic have or ask many times is relationship. In particular, what’s the relationship like between a cat and a hedgehog? Do they get along? The answer to this question is yes, cats and hedgehogs do get along. It is crucial, however, that you properly introduce these two animals.

This helps in increasing the chances of them coexisting without any issues. Worth noting, the relationship between a cat and a hedgehog is always not that close. Again, the reason for this goes back to the temperament of both these two pets and animals.

These two animals are very calm, with many being solitary, meaning they like to keep to themselves. Although a cat won’t eat a hedgehog, they won’t be playful when together. They are likely to ignore one another despite being close without any issues and coexist peacefully for years.   

Do Cats Fight with Hedgehogs?

Do Cats Fight with Hedgehogs

Okay, cats cannot eat hedgehogs, but what about fighting? Can cats fight with hedgehogs? The answer is no. Cats cannot fight a hedgehog. This is because of two things: a hedgehog doesn’t fight, and two cats cannot touch hedgehogs.

Furthermore, a hedgehog is not a predator. Fighting is not in its gene. So if you see something like a fight, just know that they are probably playing, or one is trying to harass the other.   

Are Hedgehogs Scared of Cats?

Are Hedgehogs Scared of Cats

While these two animals or pets can coexist, it is worth noting that hedgehogs are scared of cats. While not all of them (all hedgehogs) are cats, some are scared to the point that they get stressed out by a cat just being there.  

Conclusion For “Can Cats Eat a Hedgehog”

Conclusion For Can Cats Eat a Hedgehog

Food is another area that is very much a big topic when talking about these two. Many want to know whether or not cats can eat a hedgehog’s food or if a hedgehog can eat cat food. The answer to both these questions is yes.

They can all eat each other’s food. This is mainly because all their foods are meaty or, in some instances, fishy. So if you don’t want a cat to a hedgehog food or vice-versa, you’ll need to be creative with how you give them food.

For starters, you can create a feeding station for both the cat and the hedgehog. The other trick is just making sure that both the cat and the hedgehog are well fed. If they are well fed, it is hard for them to look elsewhere for food.  

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