5 Best Dating Sites in Kenya! (2022)

Are you in search of the best dating sites in Kenya? This list will help you find a compatible dating platform. If there is one thing that’s certain over the years is the fact that technology has changed how we go about our day-to-day lives. One area that technology has affected is dating. Today, you can easily find that special one online thanks to plenty of dating apps like Tinder, where users only need to swipe left or right to find their significant other. Our team at ILY Best compiled this list to help you out.

1. Tinder


First on the list of the best dating sites in Kenya is “Tinder.” Despite it catching up slightly late in the country, Tinder has become very popular. Many people who have a smartphone and internet access using Tinder to find love. While many go to Tinder to find hook-ups, Tinder has connected many people, some of which have got married. One of the many great things about Tinder is the setup process. It is easy to set up a Tinder profile. You can choose to do so using your Facebook account, Google account, or email.

Tinder Details

  • Website: Tinder
  • Info: Largest Dating App

2. Afrointroductions


Afrointroductions prides itself on being the largest dating app in Africa. Currently, they have over 4.5 million active members searching for love. Fun fact, Afrointroductions has won a few awards for being the best dating app in Africa. One of the many positives about Afrointroductions is the fact that there are very few cases of random hook-ups. Members of this app are actively looking for a serious relationship. It’s not a surprise that many couples that met through Afrointroductions end up getting married in the long run.

Afrointroductions Details

3. Tagged


Many people looking for love are increasingly turning to Tagged. This new dating site currently boasts over 300 million members spread all over the world. Some positives that have resulted in its popularity in Kenya include private messaging and video streaming. In addition, it allows members to meet with other people in their neighborhood. Equally important is the fact that it is very mobile-friendly. It is easy to set up. Plus, you won’t be asked for sensitive and personal information when creating an account.

Tagged Details

  • Website: Tagged
  • Info: Best Free Dating Site

4. Kenyan Cupid

Kenyan Cupid

Kenyan Cupid is proudly Kenyan. To put it simply, it is the only site in this list made for and by Kenyans. One of the many benefits of Kenyan Cupid is that you can easily access it through an app or on their official site. In addition, you have the option of broadening your search if you want to meet other singles who are not in Kenya. Its major drawback is just the number of active members. Given its an app for Kenyans, it has few active members.

Kenyan Cupid Details

5. Bumble


Last on the list of the best dating sites in Kenya is “Bumble” Bumble is another dating platform that’s quickly gaining popularity in Kenya especially true with women. Unlike the apps and dating sites on this post, Bumble only allows the females to start communication if two singles like each other. As you’d expect, this increases the rate of singles that find love. Even better, Bumble is all about immediate response. Once matched, users only have 24 hours to reach out. If this period passes without initiating communication, the match expires and disappears.

Bumble Details

  • Website: Bumble
  • Info: Perfect for Women

Dating Sites in Kenya

Dating Sites in Kenya

Finding a suitable dating site in Kenya can be challenging. However, we hope this list of dating sites will help you with ideas. Feel free to test out these platforms and see which one suits you the best. For any questions or concerns about this list of dating sites in Kenya, please contact our team at ILY Best.

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