4 Best Chinese Restaurants in Arizona! (2022)

If you’re searching for the best Chinese restaurants in Arizona, you’ve come to the right place. Our team at ILY Best compiled this list of Chinese restaurants in Arizona to help you find the perfect go-to location for your meal.

1. Wong’s Restaurant

Wong's Restaurant (Chinese Restaurants Arizona)

Wong’s Restaurant is an understated Chinese restaurant in Arizona. They serve a modern interpretation of classic Chinese dishes in a calm, relaxing setting and environment. On the menu at Wong’s Restaurant, you’ll find a range of stir-fries and noodles.

While there is no denying that Wong’s Restaurant serves tasty meals, its commitment to using high-quality fresh ingredients sets them apart. Fun fact, Wong’s Restaurant has recognized for its Chinese cuisine, friendly staff, and excellent service.

Wong’s Restaurant Details

2. George Yang’s Chinese Cuisine

George Yang’s Chinese Cuisine (Chinese Restaurants Arizona)

George Yang’s Chinese Cuisine is perfect if you are after something different when searching for a Chinese restaurant in Arizona. George Yang’s Chinese Cuisine serves a variety of Asian cuisines that is a fusion of Thai and Chinese food.

The menu options at George Yang’s Chinese Cuisine are carefully selected to help demonstrate the best that the different regions of Asia offer. Notably, you’ll enjoy meals from award-winning recipes when dining at George Yang’s Chinese Cuisine.

George Yang’s Chinese Cuisine Details

3. Shangri-La Chinese Restaurant

Shangri-La Chinese Restaurant (Chinese Restaurants Arizona)

Shangri-La Chinese Restaurant boasts of being a modest Chinese eatery in Arizona. Shangri-La Chinese Restaurant produces a variety of Chinese standards for lunch and dinner. One of the things that help Shangri-La Chinese Restaurant stand out is its bar.

They are among the few Chinese restaurants in Arizona with a full bar. Their bar has an extensive wine list and cocktails. Notables at Shangri-La Chinese Restaurant include the Shangri-La premium tea only served to Chinese royalty.

Shangri-La Chinese Restaurant Details

4. Great Wall Cuisine

Great Wall Cuisine (Chinese Restaurant Arizona)

Great Wall Cuisine promises Chinese food lovers in Arizona the best Cantonese food. The meals at Great Wall Cuisine are all made with passion using high-quality ingredients. Notably, Great Wall Cuisine is a family business and runs the old fashion way.

You can expect authentic Chinese meals at Great Wall Cuisine served with a happy staff ready to assist when called. Given its size, Great Wall Cuisine can accommodate events such as parties, don’t hesitate to book it if the need arises.

Great Wall Cuisine Details

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