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Are British Shorthair Cats Cuddly

Are British Shorthair Cats Cuddly?

Are British Shorthair cats cuddly with humans? Here’s what you should know. British Shorthair cats are friendly, sociable creatures that make perfect pet(s). In addition, they are gentle with other cats, love playing with children, and even tolerate dogs that like cats. Below, we get to share with you the answer to a question many would-be …

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Is Squid Game a Movie

Is Squid Game a Movie? (2022)

By now, you’ve probably heard about Netflix’s new Korean drama, Squid Game. Just like Lupin and Money Heist, Squid Game has become one of Netflix’s most popular releases in weeks outside the United States. Given its popularity and its cult-like following, it is easy to assume that it’s a movie. Some people believe Squid Game …

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Do Cats Eat Squirrels

Do Cats Eat Squirrels? (2022)

Do cats eat squirrels? The short and simple answer is: yes, cats do eat squirrels. Although squirrels are not a cat’s direct enemy, cats are predators. If you present a cat with an opportunity to hunt a squirrel for its lunch, it will gladly do so. Virtually any species that are smaller in size than …

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Do Cats Eat Bunnies? (2022)

Do cats eat bunnies? Yes, cats are well-known for hunting down and eating bunnies. Often, we tend to overlook that cats are prolific predators, having a deep drive to hunt. While this drive might be a cute one if it’s directed at a shoelace or the latest toy, if we’re trying to assemble a big …

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