4 Best Cat Rescues in Los Angeles! (2022)

If you’re searching for the best cat rescues in Los Angeles, you’ve come to the right place. Our team at ILY Best compiled this list of the best cat rescues in Los Angeles to help save you time on your journey to finding a companion.

1. Kitten Rescue

Kitten Rescue (Los Angeles, CA)

Kitten Rescue starts this post about cat rescues in Los Angeles. Kitten Rescue was founded in 1997 and boasted of being one of Los Angeles’s largest animal welfare groups. Notably, Kitten Rescue is a volunteer-run organization to find loving, happy homes for rescued cats and kittens.

According to information shared by Kitten Rescue, they place more than 1,000 kittens into happy homes every year. Kitten Rescue also seeks to educate the community on the proper care of cats and their diet.

Kitten Rescue Details

2. Pet Pride’s Cat Shelter

Pet Pride’s Cat Shelter (Los Angeles, CA)

Cat Shelter is a shelter owned by Pet Pride. Cat Shelter is a no-kill shelter where homeless cats receive care and much-needed love. There are many positives to Pet Pride’s Cat Shelter. For instance, rescued cats live in a cage-free environment.

Furthermore, their environment spots cat-friendly furnishes that are sure to improve their living condition. Before adopting a cat from, Pet Pride’s Cat Shelter, you might be subjected to an interview.

Pet Pride Cat Shelter Details

3. LA Animal Shelter

LA Animal Shelter

LA Animal Shelter is another must-feature in any post about cat rescues in Los Angeles. They provide shelter to abandoned, neglected, and lost animals in Los Angeles. LA Animal Shelter works day and night with lost animals to reunite them with their owners.

With abandoned and neglected, LA Animal Shelter works tirelessly to find happy, loving homes. Notably, LA Animal Shelter operates a total of six animal shelters throughout Los Angeles. Remember to see which one is closest to you when visiting them.

LA Animal Shelter Details

4. Stray Cat Alliance

Stray Cat Alliance (Los Angeles, CA)

The team at Stray Cat Alliance works to save the lives of rescued cats and kittens. They provide wellness and medical care, community shelter support, spay/neuter services, trap-neuter-return, and adoption services.

Stray Cat Alliance also educates and empowers the community to advocate for a cat’s right to be safe, valued, loved, and healthy. Stray Cat Alliance is a no-kill rescue center to create a healthy, happy environment for cats and kittens.

Stray Cat Alliance Details

Conclusion For The “Best Cat Rescues in Los Angeles, California”

Conclusion For The Best Cat Rescues in Los Angeles, California

Our team at ILY Best hopes that this list of cat rescues in Los Angeles will help you find a compatible companion to introduce into your home. We appreciate you helping these cats from Los Angeles in need and that you’re making a difference.

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