7 Most Popular Cat Breeds in India with Pictures! (2022)

Forget dogs! Cats are quickly becoming the new favored home pet in India. Just about every Indian home has a cat as a pet. While we are not sure how and why this change happened, it is clear to point out the cat breed cat lovers in India love the most. In this post, I’ll share with you a detailed list of popular cat breeds in India. Even better, I’ll get to share with you their temperaments and why many people love them today.

1. Bombay Cat

Bombay Cat

First on the list of the most popular cat breeds in India is the Bombay Cat. High on the list of popular cat breeds in India is The Bombay Cat. The Bombay Cat is an Asian breed of cats that spot an appealing sleek-looking, mini-black panther-like look. One of the many things that stand out with this particular breed of cat is appearance. It has a striking appearance that you cannot miss.

Add their enchanting golden eyes, and you can’t miss them. Its personality is one of the reasons why this breed is popular and a favorite for many people. The Bombay Cat has a unique personality if compared to other cats. Worth noting, there are two varieties of this breed of cat British and American Bombay.

2. Persian Cat

Persian Cat

Persian is another feline breed that is very popular in India. This particular breed is known for its sweet temperament and long coat. However, Persian’s temperament is limited. They limit affection to the people caring for them. The number one reason why Persians are a go-to cat for many in India is their glamorous look and their calm demeanor.

3. Maine Coon

Maine Coon

If you’ve been following our series of posts on adorable purrs, then you know just how good Maine Coons. This breed of cat has everything you’d want with a cat. In addition to being big, they are loving, affectionate and also make the perfect companion. Appearance-wise, Maine Coons spot a unique look. It’s hard to miss a Maine Coon given their size. Maine Coons are huge compared to other cats. But, despite their size, they are gentle and sweet, and these are just some of the reasons why many in India love them.

4. American Bobtail

American Bobtail

This breed of cat is known worldwide for its short bobbed tails. In case you are yet to see its tail, it is one-third of its total body length. The American Bobtail spots fluffy eyes, sturdy body type, long hair, and a shiny coat. The features combine to give the American Bobtail a rugged appearance.

The rugged appearance they spot, combined with their temperament (affectionate and friendly), makes them a popular choice for many in India. Even better, they are playful, adjust to new environments, love being around humans, easy to groom, easy to train, and friendly towards both humans and other pets.

5. Siamese Cat

Siamese Cat

Known to have originated in Shanghai, Siamese Cats are a popular breed with many. They come in a variety of colors. However, many Siamese Cats spot a brownish/cream coat. Siamese cats are medium built with slender legs, mongoloid eyes that slant slightly inwards, and a triangular face.

Temperament-wise, Siamese cats love lots of attention. They start crying when you ignore them. But, they are affectionate, loving, and happy to return the love they receive, and these are just some of the reasons why they are loved.

6. Himalayan Cat

Himalayan Cat

Himalayan Cats are a favorite for many cat lovers in India. This adorable feline breed has a long fluffy coat with beautiful blue eyes. Regarding built, the Himalayans are medium to large. They also come in fawn or white with various color points, including brown, lilac, and cream on their legs, face, tail, and ears.

Their temperament is the reason why many love them in India. They are loving, loyal, and yearn for human companionship. It is, however, not that active and occasionally lounges on the lap of its owner.

7. Indian Billi (Spotted Cat)

Indian Billi (Spotted Cat)

Last on the list of the most popular cat breeds in India is the Indian Billi. Indian Billi or the Spotted Cat is one of the most common cats seen in Indian. So you are likely to spot it roaming around in the streets in India.

As a cat, the Indian Billi adapts very well to India’s climate. Feature-wise, this feline breed spots a long tail that is darker than its body. In addition, its fur spots grey spots and has a sturdy build. As a breed, they are friendly and loving, and these are just some of the reasons why they are a favorite for many cat lovers in India.

Popular Cat Breeds in India

Popular Cat Breeds in India

We hope this list of the most popular cat breeds in India will help you find a companion that’s most suitable for you. Feel free to utilize this list and find the right cat for you. If you have any questions or request any changes to this list of popular cat breeds in India, feel free to contact our team.

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