4 Best Cat Breeders in New England! (2022)

Are you searching for the best cat breeders in New England? If you’ve decided to adopt a cat and happen to live in New England, you have come to the right place. Below, you’ll find a list of reputable cat breeders in New England.

Keep in mind that this list includes cat breeders that specialize in one breed. Therefore, it is best to know the breed of cat you want before scrolling down this list of cat breeders in New England.

1. Seacoast Siberian Kittens Cattery

Seacoast Siberian Kittens Cattery New England

Located on the MA border in Southern New Hampshire, Seacoast Siberian Kittens Cattery is a premier Siberian breeder. They specialize in raising high-quality low, allergen Siberian cats.

Seacoast Siberian Kittens Cattery raises its cats within their family of six with two dogs. Their adorable Siberian kittens are socialized from an early age.

Seacoast Siberian Kittens Cattery Details

2. Blueberry Basket Cattery

Blueberry Basket Cattery New England

Blueberry Basket Cattery is a small home-based cattery dedicated to offering cat lovers in New England adorable little kittens. They currently specialize in three breeds of cats, traditional Apple-head Siamese, Balinese, and Snowshoe.

They boast of having kittens that are true to their breed, sweet, and have loving personalities. They raise all their kittens underfoot in their loving home environment. All their kittens are TICA registered and have a health certificate.

Blueberry Basket Cattery Details

3. Old Castle Persians & Himalayans Cattery

Old Castle Persians & Himalayans Cattery New England

Old Castle Persians & Himalayans Cattery specializes in Persian and Himalayan kittens. They boast adorable kittens with great personalities for the enjoyment of every cat lover. In addition to the kittens they have up for adoption, this cattery has older kittens and retired adults available.

Therefore, you might want to contact them to find out if they do have them at the moment to reserve. Old Castle Persians & Himalayans Cattery does not refund deposits for reserved kittens or cats.

Old Castle Persians & Himalayans Cattery Details

4. ABC Siberian Cattery

ABC Siberian Cattery New England

Last on the list of cat breeders in New England is “ABC Siberian Cattery.” ABC Siberian Cattery is a small cattery based in Boston, Massachusetts. They currently specialize in breeding adorable Siamese Forest kittens.

They pride themselves in having pure-bred Hypo-Allergenic Siberian kittens for adoption. They feed their kittens and cats raw food diets with nutritional supplements to enhance the Siberian kitten’s fur, mood, and size.

ABC Siberian Cattery Details

Conclusion For The “Best Cat Breeders in New England”

Conclusion For The Best Cat Breeders in New England

We hope this list of cat breeders in New England will help you find a kitten companion. Whether you plan to purchase from our list of New England cat breeders or another source, please do your research.

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