4 Best Cat Breeders in Massachusetts! (2022)

If you’re searching for the best cat breeders in Massachusetts, you’ve come to the right place. Our team at ILY Best compiled this list of Massachusetts cat breeders to help you on your journey for a companion.

1. ABC Siberian Cattery

ABC Siberian Cattery Massachusetts

ABC Siberian Cattery is a TICA-registered cattery specializing in raising adorable Siberian forest kittens. They pride themselves in having the finest pure-bred Hypo-Allergenic Siberian forest kittens for sale.

The cats at ABC Siberian Cattery have a space specially made to hang and play. They also have free will to roam around as they please in the house. Diet-wise, the cats and kittens at ABC Siberian Cattery eat a balanced raw food diet.

ABC Siberian Cattery Details

2. Scottish Kingdom Cats

Scottish Kingdom Cats Massachusetts

Scottish Kingdom Cats is a small cattery that exclusively focuses on breeding the following cat breeds, Scottish Folds/Straight cats and British Blue-Eyed cats.

With Scottish Kingdom Cats, cat lovers can expect beautiful Scottish Folds that conform to breed standards. The Scottish Fold kittens at Scottish Kingdom Cats spot a soft plush fur with big adorable eyes.

Scottish Kingdom Cats Details

  • Name: Scottish Kingdom Cats
  • Location: West Springfield, Massachusetts
  • Address: 56 Valley View Cir, West Springfield, MA 01089, United States
  • Website: Scottish Kingdom Cats
  • Breed: Scottish Folds, Scottish Straights, and Blue-Eyed British
  • Phone Number: (413) 519-8768
  • Email: [email protected]

3. Old Castle Cattery

Old Castle Cattery Massachusetts

There are many reasons why Old Castle Cattery makes a feature on this post about the best cat breeders in Massachusetts post. For starters, they strictly adhere to breeding practices.

They do this to ensure they raise quality little kittens. They also have an easy sale process for cat lovers to take their kittens home. Notably, Old Castle Cattery specializes in quality Persian and Himalayan kittens.

Old Castle Cattery Details

4. Willetteragdol Cattery

Willetteragdol Cattery Massachusetts

Last on the list of the best cat breeders in Massachusetts is “Willetteragdol Cattery.” Willetteragdol Cattery raises its Ragdoll kittens underfoot, and they give them lots of love and hands-on attention.

Willetteragdol Cattery is a small family hobby breeder specializing in CFA or TICA-registered blue-eyed traditional Ragdoll kittens. The Ragdoll kittens at Willetteragdol Cattery go to their forever homes with two sets of shots given by a vet. They are also spayed/neutered before being swooped away.

Willetteragdol Cattery Details

Conclusion For The “Best Cat Breeders in Massachusetts”

Conclusion For The "Best Cat Breeders in Massachusetts"

Our team at ILY Best hopes that this list of cat breeders in Massachusetts will help you on your journey for a kitten companion. Whether you plan to purchase a kitten from our list of Massachusetts breeders or through another source, it’s always best if you do additional research.

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