4 Best Cat Breeders in Iowa! (2022)

Here’s what you need to know if you’re searching for cat breeders in Iowa. First, having a cat as a pet is ideal for just about any family. Not only are cats great companions they are also caring and loving regardless of the cat breed one settles on.

To enjoy having a cat, one would have to get one from the right cattery. With this in mind, we’ve written this post highlighting reputable cat breeders.

In particular, this post highlights reputable cat breeders in Iowa. If you are in Iowa and searching for a cat as a pet, then you’ve come to the right place.

Before scrolling down this list of cat breeders in Iowa, check out these guides:

1. Wild Prairie Rose Cattery

Wild Prairie Rose Cattery Cat Breeders in Iowa

First on this list of reputable cat breeders in Iowa is Wild Prairie Rose Cattery. This small in-home cattery pride itself in breeding exceptional kittens. Their kittens are well socialized, healthy with great temperaments.

Wild Prairie Rose Cattery specializes in Snow, Blue, Charcoal, and large-open rosette brown Bengals. They also don’t breed their cats using cages. Their kittens are free to run off their house and move around as they please.

In addition, they raise their kittens around the family’s dogs and children. This helps build their temperament. Wild Prairie Rose Cattery is licensed and registered with the USDA.

In addition, they’ve passed Veterinarian and the USDA inspection. Award-wise, Wild Prairie Rose Cattery has won TICA outstanding cattery in 2020 and 2021.

Wild Prairie Rose Cattery Details

2. Hypnotic Exotics

Hypnotic Exotics Cat Breeders in Iowa

Hypnotic Exotics is another reputable cat breeder in Iowa. Like other reputable cat breeders in Iowa, Hypnotic Exotics breeds its kittens as part of its family. This means that they raise their cats at home.

This has resulted in Hypnotic Exotics breeding kittens that are well tame, social, and friendly. Worth noting, the Bengals Hypnotic Exotics offers are F4 or higher in a generation.

In addition, kittens obtained from Hypnotic Exotics come with age-appropriate vaccines, TICA papers, health guarantee, dewormed and spayed or neutered.

Hypnotic Exotics Details

3. Iowa Kurimski Bengals

Iowa Kurimski Bengals

In terms of experience, Iowa Kurimski Bengals have more than ten years of experience in breeding cats. They’ve raised over 100 kittens and placed them in loving homes. As a breeder, Iowa Kurimski Bengals specializes in raising high-quality Bengals.

They specialize in black and snow lynx rosette and brown Bengals. Worth noting, the Bengals’ black and snow lynx rosette breeds are all purebred and are TICA registered.

Their Bengals are loyal, curious, loving, healthy, and friendly. If you plan to get a kitten from this cattery, keep in mind that they conduct interviews before placing cats in forever homes. They do this to ensure that all their cats are in loving homes.

Iowa Kurimski Bengals Details

4. Kutabays Cattery & Kennel

Kutabays Cattery & Kennel Iowa

Last on the list of cat breeders in Iowa is “Kutabays Cattery & Kennel.” Kutabays Cattery & Kennel is another top cattery in Iowa that breeds high-quality kittens. They have more than 20 years of experience in breeding quality kittens.

This Iowa-based cattery breeds for quality and not quantity.  Their kittens are healthy, well socialized with great temperament. With a small litter all year long, ensure you contact them early if you want to get a kitten from them.

Kutabays Cattery & Kennel Details

Conclusion For The “Best Cat Breeders in Iowa”

Conclusion For The Best Cat Breeders in Iowa

Finding the right cat breeders in Iowa can be challenging for many people. We hope you utilize this list to make searching for a cat for sale in Iowa easier. If you have any questions or would like to be listed on this list of Iowa cat breeders, feel free to contact us.

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