4 Best Cat Breeders in Indiana! (2022)

Here’s what you need to know if you’re searching for the best cat breeders in Indiana. If you are a cat lover in Indiana, you are well aware of the numerous cat breeders available.

With such a high number, some cat lovers have a hard time finding a reputable cat breeder in Indiana. With this, we’ve opted to share this post with you.

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1. Carismatic Cattery

Carismatic Cattery Indiana

Carismatic is a CFA registered cattery that’s been breeding since 1989. They specialize in solid and bi-color Persian and Exotic Shorthair cats and kittens. Carismatic Cattery is committed to preserving the breed of both Persians and Exotic Shorthairs.

As such, they conform to CFA standards for breeding these cat breeds. Note, Carismatic Cattery does not cage their cats or kittens. Furthermore, all their kittens are raised underfoot and given lots of love and attention.

Carismatic Cattery Details

2. Ivy Cat Cattery

Ivy Cat Cattery Indiana

Ivy Cat Cattery has one goal improve both the Persian and Exotic breeds. They do this by breeding and showing quality Persians and Exotic Shorthairs in CFA.

Ivy Cat Cattery is under the watchful eye of Pam DeGolyer. Pam DeGolyer is a CFA Approved LH Judge. Simply put, Ivy Cat Cattery knows what they are doing. Expect quality Persians and Exotic Shorthairs from Ivy Cat Cattery.

Ivy Cat Cattery Details

3. Dreamquete Cattery

Dreamquete Cattery Indiana

Dreamquete Cattery is a small cattery devoted to showing and breeding high-quality Persians and Exotic Shorthairs. This breeder raises all their kittens with lots of love and attention.

They also socialize with them a lot from a young age. They do all this to ensure that they properly the wet dispositions of both these breeds. So it’s good to point out that many of the kittens and cats at this cattery show or breeder quality.

Dreamquete Cattery Details

4. Powderpuff Persians

Powderpuff Persians Cat Breeder Indiana

Last on the list of best cat breeders in Indiana is Powderpuff Persians. Powderpuff Cattery is a small CFA licensed cat breeder specializing in raising quality Persians. They pride themselves on having healthy Persian kittens that are healthy and stunning. Their cats and kittens are all PKD, FIV, FeLV negative.

Powderpuff Persians Details

Conclusion For The “Best Cat Breeders in Indiana”

Conclusion For The Best Cat Breeders in Indiana

Since you’re searching for the best cat breeders in Indiana, we hope that this list will make it easier on your journey. Whether you plan to purchase a cat from a breeder in Indiana or not, you should always do your research. With that in mind, our team at ILY Best wishes you the best on your journey for a kitten in Indiana.

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