3 Best Cat Breeders in Hawaii! (2022)

Here’s what you need to know if you’re searching for the best cat breeders in Hawaii. Cat lovers in Hawaii have limited options in cat breeders. In other words, Hawaii is not home to many cat breeders.

Given the lack of cat breeders, many cat lovers find it hard to get that perfect companion. But, if you are among those struggling to find an adorable kitten, you are in luck. In this post, you’ll find details of three reputable cat breeders in Hawaii.

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1. KaWekiuKatz Cattery

KaWekiuKatz Cattery Hawaii

KaWekiuKatz Cattery is a small boutique breeder specializing in breeding beautiful blue-eyed Ragdoll kittens. They pride themselves in raising healthy, playful, and confident Ragdoll kittens that make perfect companions.

KaWekiuKatz Cattery is a closed cattery. This improves the health of their kittens and cats. Note the Ragdoll kittens at KaWekiuKatz Cattery are well-socialized.

They’ve all interacted with other pet Ragdolls as well as other family pets. Their kittens are desexed, dewormed, and have a complete vet check before being placed in forever homes.

KaWekiuKatz Cattery Details

2. Foxfyre Cattery

Foxfyre Cattery Hawaii

Foxfyre Cattery is a must feature on just about any reputable cat breeders in Hawaii. However, there are many positives associated with Foxfyre Cattery. For starters, it is one of the few cat breeders in Hawaii that specialize in more than one or two breeds of cat.

Foxfyre Cattery specializes in three cat breeds, Abyssinian, Somali, and Ocicat. With all these breeds, Foxfyre Cattery strives for higher standards.

High standards make it possible to breed elegant, graceful, and beautiful Abyssinian, Somali, and Ocicat kittens. Note Foxfyre Cattery spares nothing when raising their kittens. Furthermore, they strictly adhere to the breeding standards of these three cat breeds.

Foxfyre Cattery Details

3. Kaluamoa Farms Cattery

Kaluamoa Farms Cattery Hawaii

Last on the list of cat breeders in Hawaii is “Kaluamoa Farms Cattery.” Kaluamoa Farms Cattery has offered cat lovers quality companions for over 30 years in Hawaii.

They specialize in breeding Siamese kittens, and they do so by strictly adhering to the breeding standards of this breed. Kaluamoa Farms Cattery values their kittens’ temperament, type, and health. Health-wise, they test and screen all their cats and kittens.

They also schedule regular vet visits for their cats and kittens. Note, Kaluamoa Farms Cattery recently expanded and improved its breeding lines to include some of the best in the world today. In addition, they do offer experienced shipping worldwide.

Kaluamoa Farms Cattery Details

Conclusion For The “Best Cat Breeders in Hawaii”

Conclusion For The Best Cat Breeders in Hawaii

We hope this list of cat breeders in Hawaii will help you search for a companion. There are many great cat breeds in Hawaii.

Even though we provided this list, we highly advise you to do your research, so you’ll be prepared in advance. If you’re a cat breeder living in Hawaii, please reach out to our team for business inquiries.

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