5 Best Cat Breeders in Germany! (2022)

Finding the right cat breeders in Germany is very important. This is more so if you are keen on getting a cat as a pet for your home. While it might sound simple, finding that perfect breeder is not that easy given the countless numbers of breeders available in different parts of the world.

Take Germany, for instance; many cat breeders claim to be the best cat breeders in Germany. This makes it very hard for anyone living in Germany and wants to get a cat from a top cat breeder. With this knowledge, we’ve opted to share with you this post on the best cat breeders in Germany.

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1. Angel Garden

Angel Garden

First on our list of the best cat breeders in Germany is “Angel Garden.” This cat breeder specializes in Bengals alone. They pride themselves on having the very best when it comes to love and breeding cats (these are the different types of Bengal cats). So if you are after a Bengal cat breed Angel Garden is the ideal breeder for you.  

Angel Garden Details

2. Sweet Harmony

Sweet Harmony Cat Breeder Germany

Sweet Harmony is another perfect cat breeder in Germany that you should visit to get a cat. This cat breeder prides itself in adhering to the very best when it comes to breeding cats.

Unfortunately, Sweet Harmony doesn’t have a wide range of cats available. You’ll only find only exotics and Persian cat breeds at Sweet Harmony. If you are after a different cat breed, we recommend looking elsewhere.      

Sweet Harmony Details

3. Alveran

Alveran Cat Breeder Germany

Alveran is a small hobby cat breeder located in the South of Bavaria. As a cat breeder, Alveran only specializes in breeding Maine Coons. So if you are after a top breeder in Germany with Maine Coons then Alveran is the perfect breeder for you. It’s worth noting about this breeder. Their cats live with them and are free to play around or roam the house as they please.  

Alveran Details

4. ZeusCats


ZeusCats goes through great lengths to make sure their cats are well-cared for with a motto that states their cats are primarily part of their family.  As with the other cat breeders already mentioned in this post, ZeusCats specializes in one type of breed: British Shorthairs.

In other words, they only breed typical and socialized British Shorthairs. Other notable with ZeusCats is their feature breeding project of Odd-eyed British Shorthairs and Pure British Shorthairs with long hair genes and different white parts.

ZeusCats Details

5. Dorofei

Dorofei Cat Breeder

Last on the list of the best cat breeders in Germany is “Dorofei.” If you are a lover of all things Siberian or simply looking for a Siberian cat breed, then Dorofei is your breeder. This cattery mainly specializes in breeding healthy Siberian cats with excellent temperaments.

A big plus with Dorofei for anyone keen on getting a Siberian cat is the process of getting a cat from them. Simply put, they’ve made it very easy to get or purchase a cat from them. Furthermore, it is easy to know the cats they have given they share their picture on their website.

Dorofei Details

Conclusion For The “Best Cat Breeders in Germany”

Conclusion For The "Best Cat Breeders in Germany"

We hope this list will make your search for a cat breeder in Germany easier. If you have any questions, be sure to contact these cat breeders in German with the details provided below each listing. Always do your research to ensure you won’t be dealing with any shady tactics.

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