4 Best Cat Breeders in Dubai! (2022)

If you’re searching for cat breeders in Dubai, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post today, we will be sharing with you details of the best cat breeders in Dubai.

If you are wondering why only the best breeder will do when looking for a cat, getting a cat from a top breeder or best breeder guarantees that you’ll have a cat with a good temperament and, most importantly, good health.

Before scrolling down this list of cat breeders in Dubai, check out these cat guides:

1. Royal Cats UAE

Royal Cats UAE

If you are after a professional cattery that can help you find an adorable cat in UAE, then Royal Cats UAE is perfect for you. As a cattery, they pride themselves in breeding gorgeous cats with good health and fantastic temperament.

Worth noting about Royal Cats UAE, they only breed Maine Coons, so if you are after a Maine Coon, they are a perfect cattery to turn to. Communication-wise, they have various ways to reach them. You can contact them via Whatsapp using the number shared below.   

Royal Cats UAE Details

2. Siberian Pride

Siberian Pride

Siberian Pride prides itself in breeding high-quality International and National Award-Winning Siberian Cats. Their cats spot the perfect proud look of a Siberian Tiger, and they have great personality traits just like a Siberian husky. The cats they breed are loving and loyal.

Equally important to note with this cattery is that their cats are purebred, and they do not have any Persian or Siamese blood. As you can tell by now and by their name, this cattery mainly specializes in Siberian cats. So if this is the breed you are after while in the UAE, they are the cattery for you.       

Siberian Pride Details

3. McQueen British Shorthairs

McQueen British Shorthairs

If you are thinking about getting a British Shorthair in UAE, you should check out McQueen British Shorthairs. This cattery is perfect for those starting when it comes to having cats as pets.

They share much-needed information such as what you’ll need for your new adorable cat, how to feed a British Shorthair and choose a healthy kitten. As a result, their cats boast excellent temperaments and good health.   

McQueen British Shorthairs Details

4. PoshPaws Kennels and Cattery

PoshPaws Kennels and Cattery Breeder

Last on the list of the best cat breeders in Dubai is “PoshPaws Kennels and Cattery.” The only breeder to feature in this post that doesn’t specialize in one particular breed, PoshPaws Kennels, and Cattery, is a Dubai-based breeder who breeds gorgeous healthy cats with excellent temperaments.

Mr. Mohamed AlZarooni started it back in 206 to provide cats with everything that they needed. What is noting about PoshPaws Kennels and Cattery is that they breed and strive to provide helpful information on how to treat and care for plants.

If you choose to visit this breeder, do note that visitors are allowed to feed, pet and groom, allowing you to notice some connection before committing to getting that perfect cat pet. You can only do this, however, under supervision.      

PoshPaws Kennels and Cattery Details

Conclusion For The “Best Cat Breeders in Dubai”

Conclusion For The Best Cat Breeders in Dubai

Cats are fantastic pets to have in your home. However, beginning your search for a cat breeder in Dubai can be tricky. We hope this list will make your search for a companion easier.

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