4 Best Cat Breeders in Connecticut! (2022)

If you’re searching for the best cat breeders in Connecticut, then you’ve come to the right place. There is nothing as good as having a cat as a pet in your home or house.

It is with this that many are getting cats as house pets. Given the increase in demand, many breeders have popped up offering a wide range of cat breeds.

Unfortunately, not all these breeders are good; some are cons, and some offer litters that don’t conform to breed standards. So to help you get it right, we are sharing a series of posts on the best cat breeders throughout the country state-wise.

1. Elegant Lynx

Elegant Lynx Cat Breeders Connecticut

Elegant Lynx is committed to finding forever loving homes for their litters. As a breeder, Elegant Lynx breeds only Maine Coons. Elegant Lynx conforms strictly to breeding standards of Maine Coons.

As such, they do offer Maine Coon that meets breed standards. Health-wise, the Maine Coons at Elegant Lynx have had genetic testing (PKD, HCM, SMA) and completed ultrasound heart testing.

Their cats and kittens also receive regular vet visits to ensure they are healthy at all times. In addition, elegant Lynx is registered with both TICA and CFA.

Elegant Lynx Details

2. Plaid Plus Cattery

Plaid Plus Cattery Cat Breeder Connecticut

With over 15 years of experience in breeding British Shorthairs, Plaid Plus Cattery boasts high-quality litters that conform to breeding standards. In addition, Plaid Plus Cattery is under a vet who has a feline practice.

In other words, the cats and kittens at Plaid Plus Cattery are all healthy at all times. Plaid Plus Cattery does not use cages. Their cats leave with them and are receiving lots of attention and love.

A big plus with Plaid Plus Cattery is that they offer British Shorthairs in different colors. They have British Shorthairs in lilac, chocolate, traditional blues, bi-colors, and tabbies.

Plaid Plus Cattery Details

3. Lil Lisset’s Minuets

Lil Lisset's Minuets Cat Breeder Connecticut

Lil Lisset’s Minuets is a small CFA and TICA registered cattery that prides itself in adorable Minuets. Their Minuets live as part of their family in their home. They are also free to move around and receive lots of physical attention and care.

What this does is help in developing the temperament of their kittens from a young age. Health-wise, Lil Lisset’s Minuets’ kittens are up to date on shots, are disease-free, and are health tested and checked.

Minuets are without a doubt eye-catching. Their expressive eyes, stand-out personality, and loving nature is the reason why Lil Lisset’s Minuets decided to start breeding them.

Lil Lisset’s Minuets Details

4. Whispurrs Cattery Siberian Cats

Whispurrs Cattery Siberian Cats Connecticut

Last on the list of cat breeders in Connecticut is “Whispurrs Cattery Siberian Cats.” Located in Oxford, Connecticut, Whispurrs Cattery Siberian Cats breeds quality and not quantity.

Being a small in-home cattery, Whispurrs Cattery Siberian Cats does not have many kittens on offer per year. Anyone interested in getting a Siberian from this cattery should inform them and make necessary arrangements in advance.

The Siberian kittens this cattery offers are healthy with adorable temperaments. Worth noting, Whispurrs Cattery Siberian Cats do not cage their cats or kittens. Instead, they live with family and are handheld by kids from a young age.

Whispurrs Cattery Siberian Cats Details

Conclusion For The “Best Cat Breeders in Connecticut”

Conclusion For The Best Cat Breeders in Connecticut

We hope this list of cat breeders in Connecticut helped you on your journey for a kitten. Feel free to reach out to these cat breeders in Connecticut for more information. If you’re a breeder from Connecticut, contact our team for business inquiries.

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